Now Check your AdSense Earning Reports inside YouTube Analytics!


Are you a registered YuuTube partner, or aspiring to be one? YouTube Partners are high earners who make a living out of their passion for creating videos. And some are pretty good at it too. Thousands of people are now capitalizing over this opportunity. For them, the AdSense and YouTube teams want to make things easier, since a lot of them are giving feedback. And Google listens to feedback. So to make things easier, YouTube has now integrated your AdSense earnings right into its analytics, which means that you can now check your AdSense earnings from your Videos from inside YouTube analytics!

Previously, AdSense for Content Host earnings for partners were calculated and displayed inside the AdSense accounts. Now for a blogger (using Google Blogger or something), this might not have been a problem. But YouTubers don't especially like to go all the way to AdSense t check out their earnings, especially if the only source of their revenue is YouTube. Now though, with this latest update, such people can view their earnings without leaving YouTube!

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics will now display accurate and consistent performance data for your videos. This won't change the way you are paid. You will still be paid via AdSense, and will see monthly earnings and other data you see on AdSense. The difference now is, you will get more comprehensive details about the sources of income for your videos.

The timeliness of earnings reporting has been improved to 24 hours after the end of the day, but you can still see page views and clicks. You can also review ads and manage ad blocking for your videos, just like in AdSense.

For YouTube partners, there are two major forms of income. Auction-sold ads, and reserve-sold ads. The auction-sold ads went to AdSense earnings before, and reserve-spot ads went to YouTube earnings. Both AdSense and YouTube reported their own respective earnings. But now, all earnings related to your videos have been integrated into YouTube to form a more streamlined feature which will help you keep track of your total earnings and your video performance better.

This new feature is aimed at reducing confusion, and helping YouTube partners grow by making things simpler for them, leaving them to focus on their video performance. Are you a YouTube partner? How do you like this new change? Leave your interesting comments below. And feel free to ask any question too.

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