HostGator's Biggest February Discount - 35% OFF!

It's our third continuous happy year since 2011 when we first hosted all sites of our network under the protection of this blue alligator. The reason what makes HostGator folks special is their great discount offers on special occasions. The coupon code that we received this month will give all MBT readers a straight 35% OFF on all shared hosting, reseller and dedicated server plans. To make it more simple, a 3 year standard registration of a hatchling plan will grant you a discount of over $62, $100 for baby plan and amazingly $163 discount for Business Pan. Registering directly from elsewhere would give you only 20% discount, therefore you still have over a week left to utilize this great opportunity to kick start a new online venture.
Note: Offer Expires on 28 FEB 00.00 US Time
Please first choose a plan that best suits your requirements before using the coupon. Click here 

How to Grab this Coupon?

This EPIC sale starts today and will end by the end of Feb i.e. 28th February. The sale is publically available for both US and non-US citizens. In order to successfully insert the coupon code and get your proper share of concession, Copy the coupon code below and then Click the link "Grab it" to land on the promo discount page directly. Enjoy this best sale!
PS: This discount applies to new customers only. If you are already a hostGator customer then this discount wont apply to you. If you have not yet signed up with hostGator then you are fortunate enough to kick start your online business today.

Why HostGator?

I have shared several great stories of our experience with hostGator and I must assure you that HostGator has never embarrassed us or any of our clients so far. More than dozens of our readers are already enjoying running their online business without worrying about any technical troubles thanks to the free 24/7 Live Chat Support and unlimited bandwidth and uptime servers.
To explore why we recommend hostGator with confidence to all our readers each month, please read it for yourself:
In times of great technical trouble, great customer support is what that counts more. They have always helped us with any technical or SEO problem arising in our sites and amazingly their help has always won my heart. Its indeed their great server speed, fair affordable service charges, unlimited bandwidth and excellent customer service that has won HostGator several awards for consecutive 10 years. You can see the long list on their homepage

What can I create with HostGator?

You can create almost anything using the friendly user interface of HostGator's control Panel (Cpanel) with just a click of a mouse.
Some examples include:
  1. Blog Software  eg: Wordpress, LifeType   
  2. Forum Software
  3. Gallery Software
  4. Guestbook Software
  5. Website Builder
  6. Mail Software  eg:
  7. Social Networking Software   eg: Facebook, mySpace
  8. Wiki Software
  9. Survey Software
  10. Billing Software
  11. Chat Software
  12. Directory Software
  13. eCommerce Software
  14. Our Blog and all its pages is a live example!
  15. So on...

How Will it Effect my Site Ranking?

Please visit and read: Best Hosting Plans if you have the following questions in mind:
  1. I am using Free Blogger, How would it effect me?
  2. I am using Free Wordpress, How would it effect me?
  3. I want to transfer my Domain to Hostgator, Will Domain Migration Effect my Ranking or Traffic? Read tutorial here

There are three webhosting plans that HostGator offers which are:
1. Hatchling Pan
  • Single Domain
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $3.96/month | With 35% discount it would cost just $1.39/mon
2. Baby Plan  (The plan that we use)
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $6.36/month  |  With 35% discount it would cost just $2.23/mon
3. Business Plan  (Obviously Not for bloggers)
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • FREE Private SSL & IP FREE Toll Free Number
  • Starting at $10.36/mon    |  With 35% discount it would cost just $3.63/mon

Which plan to use?

Use Hatchling if you want to run just one Domain
Use Baby if you are planning to open more domains in future. We use this plan to host all our websites at hostGator.
Use Business Plan if you want to run several domains on a single account for a corporate firm.

How Many Years Should You Register for?

Small Age domains are treated more as spam webpages and never attract robots to its full potential. Therefore to gain respect in they eyes of search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing then you must Register your domain for no less than 3 years.


If you have any query in mind and need any help related to choosing a plan for your business then feel free to post your queries in the comment box below. I will release the Kitchen recipe for webhosting next week where you will receive 24/7 free technical consultancy related to your webhosting and domain hosting problems. I am sure it would be a great help for all those who want serious help related to DNS settings, servers errors and related issues. 
If in case you are only interested in buying a domain and don't want a storage space then you can do so by reading the following post:

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  5. Thank you for the news about Hostagor Coupon. But unfortunately I'm too young to have a bank account which mean I couldn't get my own hosting and domain. :(

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  11. First of ALl Thanks a lot for the Review and discount coupon, I am very intrested to migrate my Blog to hostgator from hostbig as i am very deceived because of their Downtime
    But I do not have credit Card.. So how can i buy it? I am not able to pay from my INDIAN DEBIT Cards? can you please tell me any alternatives method to register this hosting?
    Please Reply early as only 4 days are left,
    and One more thing? I have my blog traffic of approx 3000+ per day, some day it goes to 4000 unique visits, Will hostgator shared plan handle this traffic? I have very less wordpress plugins.
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  12. @Abu baker
    A Pleasure buddy always

    An honor. Glad you are finding the resources helpful dear. :)

    We like you more! :)

    you can use your relative's or parents cards. I used it too when I was a newbie! :o

    Goddady normally does not share coupons but they do share discounts. You can a 30% discount by following the link on homepage under domain hosting featured board.

    replied at G+ :)

    I wont delete it but kindly keep off-topic questions aside.

    @AII Akbar
    Most welcomed dear anytime. They accept payments either via credit card or Paypal. So you can buy it using your paypal Id. It would cost less.

    Of course it can handle 4K uniques. I am using a shared hosting. Have not shifted to VPS. :)

    Don't worry take your time you still have two days. :)

  13. MBT has really good impact on hosting providers and it is good that these guys are passing their offers.

  14. Thank you Mohammad, am am using services from other hosting company which costs a lot...
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