December 21, 2012


HostGator's Biggest Friday Discount ever - 75% OFF!

It's one of the biggest discount Hosgator has ever given. A straight 50% OFF discount will run on 21st DEC 2012, and during this period a couple hour window will display a special discount of 75% OFF for all webhosting packages. Domains will cost as low as 1.95/year (including transfers) all day long! This Epic sale is one of the biggest one so far, even higher than the Black Friday Sale Price. All our sites are hosted with this blue Alligator. No matter how big or small an internet marketer or content publisher be, almost everyone have sites and blogs hosted here. Hostgator is now successfully serving around 9 Million domains so far, which is enough a figure to speak of its great customer service and reliability.
UPDATE: The 75% Sale just got activated. Grab your Account now! 0 Hours Left
Update2: Time out!

How to Grab this Discount?

This EPIC sale will start on 21st December, on Friday morning, US time. It will run for a total 24 hours and both 50% and 75% discounts will be visible on their homePage. No Discount Coupon code required, the sale is publically available for both US and non-US citizens. Keep track of it through the Top Black Sticky bar on our blog. Click the link "Grab it" below to land on the promo discount page directly. Note that you see the 75% discount window only once Friday hits the calendar. Enjoy this best sale!

Can current HostGator users make use of the discount?

Unfortunately this sale is only applicable to new sign ups i.e. New customers! So if you have not yet sign up with HostGator then you are really fortunate to kick start your online business this Friday by investing the least you ever could. 75% discount will save you around $300 Dollars if you choose the Business Plan! See best Hosting Plans and types by clicking here

Why HostGator?

For this we have already written some well researched articles that you can read here:
I would not share and compare hostgator's unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space or sitebuilders with any other webhosting service because what I like most about these blue Alligator folks is there 24/7 best Customer service, which is what that matters most. They provide live Chat help service through their responsive technical and sales staff every tick of a clock. In times of great technical trouble, great customer support is what that counts more. They have always helped us with any technical or SEO problem arising in our sites and amazingly their help has always won my heart. Its indeed their great server speed, fair affordable service charges, unlimited bandwith and excellent customer service that has won HostGator several awards for consecutive 9 years. You can see the long list on their homepage

What can I create after buying a hosting plan?

You can create almost anything using several excellent automatically updated software found in HostGator control Panel (Cpanel).
Some examples include:
  1. Blog Software  eg: Wordpress, LifeType   
  2. Forum Software  
  3. Gallery Software
  4. Guestbook Software
  5. Website Builder
  6. Mail Software  eg:
  7. Social Networking Software   eg: Facebook, mySpace
  8. Wiki Software
  9. Survey Software
  10. Billing Software
  11. Chat Software
  12. Directory Software
  13. eCommerce Software
  14. So on...

How Will it Effect me and my Ranking?

Please visit and read: Best Hosting Plans if you have the following questions in mind:
  1. I am using Free Blogger, How would it effect me?
  2. I am using Free Wordpress, How would it effect me?
  3. I want to transfer my to Domain to Hostgator, Will Domain Migration Effect my Ranking or Traffic?

There are three webhosting plans that HostGator offers which are:
1. Hatchling Pan  
  • Single Domain
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $3.96/month  
2. Baby Plan  (The plan that we use)
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • Starting at $6.36/month 
3. Business Plan  (Obviously Not for bloggers)
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • FREE Private SSL & IP FREE Toll Free Number
  • Starting at $10.36/mon 

Which plan to use?

Use Hatchling if you want to run just one Domain
Use Baby if you are planning to open more domains in future. We use this plan to host both our sites at hostGator.
Use Business Plan if you want to run several domains on a single account for a corporate firm.

How Many Years Should You Register for?

Search engines today do value a site's age a lot. A site that is registered for many years or one which is 2-3 years old gain more respect from Google/Yahoo/Bing as compared to one which is registered for just one year. Small Age domains are treated more as spam webpages and never attract robots to its full potential. Therefore Register your domain for no less than 3 years. Once your registration expires after 3 years, you can then easily renew it. They wont terrify you with deadlines!


If you have any questions regarding this sale or if you need any technical help related to your current hostGator account, then feel confident to post your queries below. Which plan are you using BTW? Are you using extra storage for your free blogger blogs or still hanging up with Godaddy alone?
I hope this sale helps all those who wanted something BIG. Peace and blessings buddies! :)

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  1. Oh the biggest from hostgator.Hostgator is the best in hosting.

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  3. Oh! very nice mohammad! please check your email i have mailed you from Please check and reply!


  4. Great Discount!! Thanks for sharing this nice information.

    Abdur Rakib
    My Blog: Tips on blogging - Best ways of blogging

  5. nice post for every new and pro blogger. it is useful post.

    Rahul Kashyap

  6. hostgator is giving 50% off not 75% .. Gab as early as possible. 21 hours left !

  7. oh wow really amazing discount. Thanks for sharing very informative article post . you are doing good job :)

    Fun Skip

  8. @gaurav

    Indeed the discount is 50% but for some couple of hours the 75% window will display too and only lucky champs would get that. You will have to keep visiting it today to spot the 75% time period.:)

    Sure I will pal :)

  9. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Dear Mohammad,
    Please Read this comment carefully.
    I am a regular reader of MBT and I respect the ideas and authors and even you. My question shoots like this: I have a website which I am running approximately for 9 months. I really follow each and every SEO guideline by you and also follow your post "Post several posts a day to boost traffic!" if you don't remember. Today, I posted 5 genuine and high quality posts on my website and I still can't get any traffic on my website. I only get 70 unique visitors(3rd party software) and a very very less through analytics. Brother, please help me. I have a good knowledge about blogging and writing articles. So, here are my two humble requests:

    1) Check my site that why I don't get traffic even posting HQ content (!important)
    2) I want to Guest Post with my full heart and hard work on MBT.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Yours sincerely,
    Mehul Mohan

  10. @Mehul
    Dear replied with full details via email. Always welcomed for any further help or sugestion. :)

  11. Hey Musthafa.. Great news.. Purchased for 3years as you said.. Be quick.. Now 75% off!!!!!!

    Will be there for next 1 hour and few mins...

    Thank you..

  12. hello, Please Help
    I Clicked on the Link to Buy Hostgator web hoisting for my blog in this highly Discounted Price, but i could only See 20% off, not 75% OFF<
    Why this is happened/
    Do I need to any Special Coupon for getting 75% OFF
    Please Help me ,
    TricksMe- The Technology Blog

  13. Hello Mohammad,

    I have some doubts, please reply to this comment. I like to buy two domain names and my blogs are in, then after buying domains in Baby Plan how to points my blogs in to my new domains. I don't like transfer my contents from, only change the domains, I have no knowledge in php or other web languages.

  14. Hello Mohammad,

    I have some doubts, please reply to this comment. I like to buy two domain names and my blogs are in, then after buying domains in Baby Plan how to points my blogs in to my new domains. I don't like transfer my contents from, only change the domains, I have no knowledge in php or other web languages.

  15. @ashkar

    Glad you utilized this great opportunity buddy :)


    Buddy if there was no big banner with a count down timer at hostgator homepage then you must have missed signing up at the right time/day. You commented here on 22 DEc whilst the discount was live only on 21st DEC.

    Never mind you can still apply for the 25% Discount using our coupon code from here Hostgator Coupon

    Better luck next time , I will keep you updated :)

    You are right. you can not move the database of blogger to any web hosting account because the database is not shared or open to users in blogger. What we did to MBT was simply buying domain from hostgator and then connecting that domain DNS settings to Blogger. You can do that by simply reading this article: Domain settings

    No php or MySQL knowledge required at all! :)

    Or you can wait till we publish a separate post on dns settings for HostGator alone.

    The benefit of buying a webhosting would be that you will be able to create sub domains like our contact and services page.

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