Video ad serving is now available in DFP Small Business for free!

Video ads
Using videos in your content is considered as one of the most effective presentation technique. It helps with visual aids, and makes it easier for the listener audience group to grasp your message. Indeed, serving videos is one of the effective ways of attracing traffic. And just like other content such as text and images, videos have great revenue potential. This means, that if you have a substantial video viewership, you can use that traffic to earn revenue for you through ads. And generally speaking, video ads sometimes tend to perform better on the revenue side when we compare equal amounts of traffic for video content, and simple text/image content. Google understands this, which is why it has been working on video ad serving for some time. And now, it has finally announced its video ad serving feature, and a free and unlimited video ad serving trial offer to DFP Small Business publishers.

Wait, hold on! Say what? I know that some of you might have gotten lost. Worry not. We'll try to explain. Just like you can put up ads in your content (you can spot many on this very page), you can also put up ads in your videos (provided that you upload any). Video ads tend to perform better, because your audience can connect better with a visual presentation with audio and video. So they are more likely to click on it. Google has taken advantage of this opportunity, and released this video ad serving feature that will allow you to add AdSense ads to your videos. 

What can you expect?

With this new feature, you can upload and transcode video ad assets into a variety of formats. You can also display pre-roll, post-roll, or mid-roll in-stream ads for maximum effect. However, you should be careful about how many ads you put up. Mid-roll ads (ads in the middle of a video) are annoying. Post-roll and pre-roll ads seem to work best. But then again, that might not be applicable to your blog.

You can manage your video ads alongside your normal mobile and desktop ads in DFP Small Businesses. However, before you can access these management tools and features, you need to integrate with some video technology platforms to ensure easy implementation and optimal playback. (follow the link to find out more).

Free, unlimited video ad serving!

This video ad-serving feature is free for up to 400,000 impressions per month. But until the 30th of April this year, Google will offer you an unlimited trial offer, so that you can serve as many ads as you can, free of cost. After this trial ends, and if the impressions hit 400,000+, there'll be a noinal charge on CPM basis.

Remember, this is for DFP Small Businesses. If you would like to sign up, you can do so at this signup page. If you have further questions, feel free to ask. Create a DFP Small Business, and get busy monetizing :)

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