November 5, 2012

How To Turn Your Blog Posts Into A Video?

Turn blog posts into video

One of the greatest influence in the online word is the power of the written word. People, especially bloggers mostly make use of writing to convey their message to their readers. But have you ever thought of using images, or videos to do the same? Of course, a lot of people use videos and images on their blogs or websites. But how about presenting your awesome blog posts in the form of a video? Maybe not every follower of yours is following your lengthy blog posts that you share on social media, So why not try something new, and present your blog posts in a whole different way?

At this point, you might be thinking you don't have the time or maybe the know-how to create and edit a video, so why bother? Well, say hello to Wibbitz! This is a nice little tool that will help you make a video from your blog posts with little effort!


Basically, Wibbitz is a web app that will crawl your website or blog, and extract the most important information. This will then be converted into an audio and video presentation. The audio can include narrations of your latest blog posts, so that your readers can hear those updates rather than reading them.


This is a relatively unique concept, which you can make use of to better advertise your website. A video can say a lot about your website, and will get you more followers as a result of your video marketing.

Create a video for your site

Visit the Wibbitz homepage, and look at the bottom. Fill out the email and site URL fields, and click on Create Your Clip. This might take a few minutes, since it involves a lot of processing. So sit back and relax!

Once finished, you'll get an embed code for your video. In all likelihood, this is all you need. But if you want to tweak the video a little, you have the Customize Clip option below. Here, you'll get to re-size the video, put in a voice over, or put in Loop or Autoplay. You can also change the Soundtrack from among the six different options. Once you're done, simply click on Update Clip, and you're done.

This is a pretty good tool, and will create HTML 5 embed code for you, which will be accessible across multiple devices. The voice synthesizer is pretty good too, with just a slight hint of synthesized speech. The biggest hitch though, is that it can't process special characters such as the apostrophe, and hence speaks out the HTML codes for them, which sounds pretty awkward.

But overall, it's a pretty good tool, and will bring a smile on your lips if nothing else :). Share it with your followers and friends, and have fun. Cheers :)

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  1. Awesome creative platform. I loved it.

  2. Very Nice Post.
    I am searching for that type of website.
    Thanks Qasim You Rockz....

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  3. Things are really getting boring here :(

  4. hi there....Nice post...But we are not coming for these post...We need something new...And we need Muhammad back....

    Any way thanks for nice post...

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  5. Thanks Qasim Zaib bhai again for coming with the new web info. I think your are the searcher of best web site to be useful for the blogger in the blogging world...!

    However, Wibbitz is just for converting video from the latest 10 blog post Title with the attached image in the particular post. It does not create a video of your blog posts.

    Whats your say...!!!!!

  6. I love this! And it is pretty quick - the voice over is also a good job!

  7. nice post, i would try this apps you said. thank you for sharing.

  8. Thank you, its a great post and i had been looking for something like this since long. Thanks for the post again.

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  9. Nice post.....but what is the use of these videos?

    I blog @

  10. Great tutorial...........I just tried this and it works amazingly....thanks for sharing..
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  11. We can't only hope on google, but we must try something new. Like video marketing or podcast. By the way the post is great. I'm still waiting Muhammad :)

    Best, Regards

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  12. Thanks For All Visit My Blog

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  14. Thanks a Lot Qasim Bhai for this Post..
    its really Creative to crate Video of blogs posts..also Funnier.!
    Thanks you, Keep It up Blog and Tricks Sharing Community

  15. waoo just gave it a test and it works well even better than you post thanks for this great tutorial @least i ave seen it here will share to my friends webstarlodge blog

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  17. Instead of using text for info make use of videos , it makes people to understand easily by viewing it visually. 

  18. Gooooooooood One

    Thanks Brother

  19. This is really interesting and different. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I hope it will work later, because right now I see this message "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection"

  20. Now it worked! This is just awesome! The sentence between the titles of my blogposts "Our sources report" did not fit for my language learning website but I think it could be really great for many websites.

  21. thanks for this info what would i have done without mbt.

  22. Very nice article. I like this post and also made a video of my site. But there is one thing is that the video does not include site name or link in it. So if a person is watching video then how would he go to the particular site. Well thanx any ways for this tutorial.

  23. Thanks For This WonderFul Post.
    Help Me Alot.

    Regards From Wallpapers Fever

  24. Awesome tutorial :)
    Check my post to Edit Blogger posts Using Windows Live Writer By Microsoft :

  25. Such A Nice Post...awesome


  26. Good post, am getting ready to make a video post for

  27. Hi Qazim, it is useful post. By the Guys don't spam this blog with your links it will do more bad than good to your blog.

  28. I really liked your post, because it is useful and add my insight in the world of blogging. I wait for your next news update.

  29. Visited the site but not seeing all you narrated above on that site


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