Move your blog from LiveJournal To Blogger

LiveJournal is a great free resource for people who want to keep a log or a diary of sorts of theirs online, or share their life experiences with their friends and family. It allows people to make posts, and then cross-post and share on their social media profiles. Hence, these journals have all the markings of a blog. But for people who started off with LiveJournal, but aren't satisfied with the limited options it has, Blogger is a great option for them. Blogger is so much more than what LiveJournal is. So if you're not satisfied with LiveJournal, you can just move your blog from LiveJournal over to Blogger and get much more functionality.

We recently published a post about transferring your blog from WordPress to Blogger. And we shall continue this series with this LiveJournal to Blogger conversion. Our dear readers have been demanding a post on conversion from Blogger to WordPress, so we will be doing that soon. Stay tuned :)

And now, back to the topic at hand.In this post, we will walk you through the conversion. We are assuming that you already have a LiveJournal account, with some content published on it, which you want to transfer.

Transferring from LiveJournal to Blogger

First of all, visit this link (liveJournal2Blogger), and log into your LiveJournal account using the form given on the page. Unlike WordPress, LiveJournal doesn't provide you with an option to export your content. So you need a third-party app to do it for you. And this app does just that for you.

You will be prompted to save a file on your computer. This is your LiveJournal in a Blogger-friendly exported format. We will use this to import data into Blogger, so keep it ready at hand. 

Importing data into Blogger

Now you have the exported file, all you need to do is import this file into Blogger. Log into, or sign up for a Blogger account, From there, either Create a new blog, or click on an existing blog where you want to publish your LiveJournal content.

Once you're logged into a blog's dashboard, Click on the Settings at the bottom of the left side-bar. From the options that pop out, click on Others. Then, on the right, you'll see an option to Import Blog.

Now, all you need to do is browse to the file you downloaded, and upload it here. Follow the simple instructions, and you have a set of posts from your LiveJournal account ready to be published!

As with the WordPress to Blogger, this conversion has a limitation of file sizes for up to 1 MB. But LiveJournal blogs are pretty small, so you shouldn't have much of a problem exporting your posts and comments. That's all there is to the conversion. You might also like to know about Blogger2WordPress.

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