How You Can Pay Facebook to Promote Your Posts?

Use facebook promote postsFacebook has become a major source of promoting business as well as individuals when it comes to marketing. The Highlight of the Facebook that let your friends view your Facebook activities, status updates and interactions that appear in their news feed has been a tool that is more than just a change. Now, it is one of those tactics of the social networking website through which it earns its bucks from its 900 million users round the globe. Those updates that are significant and you want then to standout, you need to pay Facebook some amount to advertise it for you. This method has been highly effective in raising funds, gathering people for a cause, etc.  Let us see, what it is all about!


These promoted posts are available only to those Pages of Facebook that have more than 500 fans whereas those whose fans are lesser than this figure cannot avail this facility. In order to reach out to a larger number of people, what these Pages tend to do is that they pay Facebook some money to promote their page.
The starting price for promoting individual posts is $5.00 and the highest price $300.00. The promotion stretches across a 3 day period according to Facebook.
For the promotion of individual posts you need to pay a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum monetary adjustment of $300.00. Facebook stated that the promotion process begins by publishing your posts in the news feeds of all your fans (people who have “liked” your page). Those people who are friends with your fans and have somehow interacted with your posts will also be able to view the updates in their news feeds for three days since the creation of the post.

What are you paying for?

Your page and the number of your fans determine the price that you will have to pay from the aforementioned range and it will help you get the number of fans at each level.
pay facebook for promotion

Why to Pay Facebook if you already have Fans?

For those who were your fans before, will not have anything new; your page posts will be promoted through them in the similar way it had been done before.
Your posts will be published in the newsfeeds of your fans. In case they “like”, “comment” or “share” your post i.e. interacted with it in any manner, then their friends will also get to view your posts as “a recent activity” of their friends. This is how your posts will get maximum promotions and more fans accordingly.
The posts that are published at your friends’ news feeds will be titled as “sponsored” posts. The good part is that they will be published in the real news feeds and mobile news feeds rather than promoted in the ads column on Facebook.

Promoting your post on Facebook

· To begin with, you must update a new status in order to facilitate yourself with this feature
· Click on promote at the bottom of the status form
· Select the price and number of fans for the post to be promoted to.
· Click save post, and you will be amazed to see that over the next 3 days the post will be promoted to a larger section of your Facebook fans
Other recent status updates will have a “promote” link on the bottom right once you have effectively posted a status with promote option.

Know your Success with metrics

If you wish to statistically analyze the success of the promoted ad, you can view the data under the ad that states:
Activity: The number of times your page was tagged in photos by other people on Facebook
Reach: The percentage of fans that saw your post
Uniqueness: The number of people that saw the post via organic, viral, and paid.
Metrics Summary
The precise covers the exact number of fans of your page that were made familiar to it through end date, aggregate budget, promotions, budget spent and the activity that followed it, page likes, comments, tab views, post likes, etc.

Where will these ads be seen?

Brands, as we all are well aware, utilize the mobile ads quite frequently and hence your daily news feed and your mobile news feed will be flooded with the fresh promoted posts.
Marketers are now given a global platform to advertise and promote their service or product at a price because of these promoted posts and Facebook ads. A lot more people can be searched through this influential technique.

What types of posts should you promote?

Facebook has actually covered this in their help section already and suggests the following posts to choose for promotions:
· Vibrant photos and videos- attracts traffic
· Offers – Appeals potential consumers
· Exclusive events or news – Eye-catching
· Questions – Attracts traffic, out of curiosity.

You Can End the Promotion scheme too!

If you wish to terminate the on-going promotion of your page for any reason whatsoever, you may simply click on the Ad Manager section. All the promoted posts have been given complete ad analytics like clicks, actins, augmented CPM equivalent and much more for all the other promoted posts. You can find their list in the ads manager.

Therefore, if you are an owner of a fan page or looking forward to grab a huge audience, you must start thinking about a little investment to use this largest social media and enjoy really big outcomes.
All the Best

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  1. I am thinking about paying like this 20$ to get some more visits for my blog.

    Ahmed Safwan

  2. Hi Mohammad i need your help i am big fan of yours for your grate articles on blogging. I am a blogger from India my blog address is but i am facing big problem today to my blog, i have written 240 above articles on my blog, but from the last one and half month my blog is not appearing in Google search at all. But tow month before i was getting very good results in Google search, i have searched so many times on the internet to get a solution for it but didn't got a single one solution for this, So now i am here i know you are certified SEO Consultant you can help me please help me and tell me what is the problem with my blog. Thanks

  3. Ya, It may be a great method to promote any business for those having fan page with 1000 or more followers.
    thanks for your informational posts..

  4. Sir kya aap meri madad kar sakte hai ke kis tarha se paise withdrawal kiye jaye pakistan

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  6. @Rizwan Ahmad
    I checked your blog and it is indexed well. The pages are appearing fine.

    You can check it at

    However these are few things you must do.

    1. Make sure you have submitted multiple sitemaps. If not read this: Submit multiple sitemaps to Google, Bing

    2. Always resubmit the sitemaps once a month

    Follow them and you will get everything working just fine. :)

  7. @Faizan

    The system is not aimed to increase traffic in short term but indeed in long term. Promoted status updates bring more interested visitors and help to circulate your brand over news feeds of Facebook users.

    There is no restriction on the type of traffic that you receive, may it be paid or organic, Adsense Ads work on impressions only and Page impressions are the only judging criteria behind the revenue you receive.

    Further as I always emphasize, blogging and marketing is beyond the scope of Adsense, Adsense is just your Ad partner and it must not become a key factor when you have to develop strategies. Keep blog growth and reputation beyond ad networks (making sure to abide by their TOS).

    hope this clarifies the use of this great service. I am personally using it and have been quite impressed with the return. All Sunday advices are promoted. :)

  8. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Brother You are Quite right, But Buying Traffic is not a Great thing, to be honest it just tell that you are not getting relevant traffic therefore, spending tons of money in buy traffic and getting your product attracted. I Know this is well enough great strategy for Business Blogs. But I Personally thinks it will increase your traffic but for not a Longer period of time

    Once your account dollar got exhaust you will stop receiving traffic so what is the use of it? when we get empty handed in the end.

    I Admire your opinion, and still believe in your Work. AdSense and BuySellads are something which looks pretty amazing and I totally agrees their is a bigger world then AdSense.

    Peace and Blessing Brother

  9. @Faizan

    Dear investment in publicizing a brand is the best strategy to reach a wider audience. Facebook promoted posts should only be used by bloggers who already have a well established fan following. This scheme will only let them get into their targeted audience more.

    Fashion and Food Brands advertise themselves daily using every media available. They do it only to keep market attracted to themselves and maintain their repo and not always for sales. Reputation is far ahead of traffic and Earning. My point is that these promoted posts will enhance your online existence by keeping you alive in the minds of people. I guess a post on this will clarify its importance.

  10. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    Yeah Sure! Brother a Post Would act as Icing on the Top :D

  11. @ß๏๏ฑThank you so much Mohammad that you checked my blog and replied to my comment. it's really kind of you thanks again. i have checked it also its showing well but i am not receiving any visit from and when search any of my post article by adding the full post title i don't get any result. i am very confuse...

  12. I agreed with what Faizan Ali said.
    People have a tendency to throw money at their traffic problems. 

    Yes, money can buy you traffic... but it's not the best long-term solution. You need to work on optimizing for search engines, building up your social media presences, and even building up your blog. Think about both long term and short term strategies as those long term strategies are very effective and affordable compared to just spending all of your money on pay per click ads.

    Money isn't going to buy you *repeat* traffic. It's going to get you 1 chance to impress 1 visitor enough to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your products. That's super hard.

    But what if that person voluntarily came back to your site repeatedly? Now you have tons of opportunities to convert that person (who already likes you) -- which multiplies your chances of success. If you're in business for the long term, this is the way to go.

    So, that's it.

  13. ohh cool trick, twitter twitter