Why You Are Lucky That You Started Blogging In 2012?

why start blogging early
No, we aren't going to talk about doomsday predictions here, nothing of the sort. But we are gonna talk about how you can start a new life in the world of blogging (ironic huh?). Blogging is becoming more and more common these days. There's a blog about virtually everything. And not without reason. Blogging is a great way to express and share your thoughts with the world. Most use a blog to earn money. In fact, a blog is one of the best ways you can earn money online. And businesses use blogs to promote their products and services, and grow a customer/audience base. A blog is a major tool for promoting a brand. Hence, there are lots of benefits of blogging, especially in this era. If you don't already have a blog, now would be the best time to start!
There are so many blogs out there that some people think they are just adding to the noise. And we totally agree. There are literally tonnes of blogs that are low quality, poorly written, not very actively maintained, or worst of all, are spammy. But just because there are cheap blogs out there doesn't mean it is a reason not to start blogging. Which brings us to the question of the day; Why should you start blogging? Why now, and not later?

The competition is growing!

Don't let that hinder you! Blogging is on the rise! If you don't go along with the wave, you will get left behind! It is estimated that hundreds of blogs are published every minute! You should create one too before it is so late that you are unable to surface. Also, domains are being scooped up really fast. Who knows, the domain you want to register today might be gone tomorrow? Start blogging now!

Internet services have increased

There are tonnes of services out there that will help you instantly create a website or blog. Free publishing platforms such as Blogger, WordPress etc are the most widely used. Other than that, you can easily buy hosting and domain from services such as HostGator, which also provide free site builder tools for you to get your site up and running. There are other such internet services which makes life easier for bloggers. So why hesitate when you can get job done as easily as ever?

Google policy changes, now means business

This is the most important point I want to discuss about. Google changes its algorithm almost each year.  This year, it was the Penguin while last year, it was the Panda. Both these updates wrecked havoc among many websites and blogs. Before Penguin, people didn't know what to do, and how to recover. But now, after Penguin, Google has made it pretty clear that low quality websites or sites with cheap or fake backlinks are going to be punished. This impacted a lot of bloggers, who now have to work very hard to increase quality throughout their sites.

Google doesn't like being disturbed

But for those wanting to start now, this could prove to be beneficial. They now know what Google wants. They won't be penalized. And so, they can start with a fresh, clean record. Old bloggers will need to fish out their old, low quality posts while new bloggers will have no such problem! :)

Start today, earn tomorrow!

If you're into this stuff, then there's really no reason to hold back. If you start today, you will start earning tomorrow. Little by little, you can build your blog into a brand and start making money. Don't hesitate about the time it'll take, because it will always take a lot of time, and effort. That's the secret to blogging actually. Time, and effort. Put in both, and over time, you'll see vivid results.
Always remember that everyone has to start from zero. Even pro-bloggers started from zero, years and years ago. Some blogs are as old as 6 years old. And their efforts have finally paid off. Now, they are earning thousands of dollars monthly! Who knows, you could be the pro-blogger everyone looks up to in four year's time? :)

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  2. I disagree. I liked the points that you mentioned and I agree that the services provided to bloggers have increased a lot in 2012 and everything is automated but age of a website matters in SEO. My old website makes more money than my new website which is times better and built just a month ago. The older you have started, the better it is.

  3. everything has changed due to panda and penguin so if you have started blogging in 2012, you are really very lucky...

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  9. Hi Qasim, Fully agreed that patience and hard work is the key for successful blogging. But most of the people who start blogging want overnight result which not possible in the world of blogging. Nice article. Keep it up.


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  11. I wish people would write more about this as you have done. This is something that is very important and has been largely overlooked by the internet community

  12. thanks for that, i started at 2012 too and MBT helped me so much


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  20. Nice Info, I always knew joining the blogosphere wasn't a bad idea, to add to the above mentioned, getting to the top will take time, effort, consistency and patience. I believe that's the key points that led Pro-bloggers to their stand today. thanks for this.

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  30. I have started my Second Blog in 2012 and I think I am lucky enough till now as it is getting much popularity rather than My First Blog. As you have mentioned Google changed its policies and that is the main factor, my blog is getting popular day by day.
    Your writing skills are superb and I am big follower of your blog.

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  33. Thanks Qasim for great info, I also started my blog in 2012, but i think those are lucky ones who have started before 2012. Before panda penguin and other tools like that.