How to Show Adsense Ads in Dynamic Views?

adsense-in-dynamic-viewsDynamic Views are 7 different flavors of interactive layouts that blogger introduced last year. The team is working hard to introduce new widgets and features that may support Dynamic Views (DV) Templates. In today's tutorial we will learn how to integrate Adsense Ad units inside these templates. Ad units which are supported at present are 728 X 90 Leaderboard and 160 x 1600 wide skyscraper. Both these ad formats are high performance Ads which gives impressive returns because the click through rate for them is high.  Since HTML/JavaScript can not be used yet in Dynamic views therefore if you try to embed AdSense Code into your layout you wont be able to see any ads on the blog. There is a dynamic approach required in order to display ads on your blog posts. Lets get to work now!


Show Adsense Ads in Blogger Dynamic Views

  1. Go To Blogger > Select your blog
  2. Next to your blog you will see "post list" icon, click it
  3. From the drop down menu choose "Earnings"


     3.   There you will see two options. Either you can apply for a new AdSense account or you can link your existing account to blogger. If you are an AdSense publisher and your account is already approved then simply click Link Adsense account and within seconds the public ID of your account will be linked to blogger.


      4.  You will then see two options Show ads on blog and Insert ads in feeds.

Show ads on blog : This option will provide you with 3 Ad positions or locations. The best option to select  is to display ads in both sidebar and below posts. So choose the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Insert ads in feeds : This option will insert an Ad either at the top of each post in your RSS feeds or will display an ad just below the post. I would recommend that you choose to display ads at the top of the feed item for high CTR. The next option is to set the Ad type. Choose Text/image ads for better performance. Next comes Frequency. Set frequency to Every Feed item. Finally you have to decide the Post length. This part rather sounds funny. Why would someone write a post of 50 words or even 250 words when this word limit can make you a victim of recent Google Penguin Penalty? So please write each post of no less than 500 words. Please read the following tutorials and SEO guides to keep yourself protected:

Set Post length to Posts of any length. See the screenshot below for assistance.


   5.   After you have made the necessary settings, click the "Save settings" button at your top-right

   6.   Now comes the difficult part! Visit your blog to see Adsense ads appearing just perfectly. :)

Both Ads will appear on blog posts for all views except Classic view where only a leaderboard display below each post. For high AdSense revenue we would recommend you choose sidebar as your default view. The ads would appear both on homepage and blog posts and the post list in the sidebar would surely boost your overall pageviews leading to high Adsense page impressions.

Need help?

If you would need any general help in integrating AdSense ads in your new layouts then please post your queries and we would love to respond back. If you want help related to adsense then kindly keep your questions precise and related to this tutorial. For some tips on Adsense please read:

Stay tuned for more on Dynamic views. We are looking at every possible way to bring new customization tips. Our next post will be based on customizing major areas of DV like the navigation menu, colors, fonts and sidebar widgets. Till then take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. Peace and blessings pals. :)

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  1. How to do the same sidebar gadgets in a standard template?

  2. I've just seen your demo and after seeing both sizes of adsense at work on Sidebar View, I tried all other views. Contrary to what you said, no adsense appears on them except Classic View which displays the leaderboard.

    For your readers' better assimilation of information, can you please rectify your sentence that goes "Both Ads will appear on blog posts for all views except Classic view where only a leaderboard display below each post."?

    Thank you very much.

  3. @novy bajwa,
    For displaying an image both in mobile view and feeds, always add an image in your first paragraph. I call this image intro image. If you observe our posts, you will find an image next to each intro paragraph on each post. This image should be no bigger than 350px in width for better display


    The sentence is valid pal. I said that ads will appear for all views except classic only in blog posts and not homepage. To see ads you must click a post and once it loads, you will see a skyscraper and leaderboard appearing just fine. Try it :)

  4. Thankyou soo much for the post ...

  5. How to restore the "Earnings" drop down menu on my site is missing, Please. Thanks!

  6. Any change in template for show image on mobile

  7. is there any way to customize adsense place in posts in dynamic templates?

  8. thanks you so much... i 'll try this when i'm free.. hope it'll success

  9. @mybukukuning

    Are you using or
    Do you have an Adsense account?

    @novy bajwa
    Just add a image left aligned next to all your intro paragraphs in order to show an image in feeds and mobile.

    Unfortunately not at present because the locations are fixed for the time being.

    You must have an adsense account for that and activate it first through the earning tab. Did you activate it pal?

  10. i want remove ad.bull ads on my blogger what to do?

  11. I would like to format the ADs I see there! Why can't I?
    They aren't working with Google Publisher Toolbar!

  12. Is there a way to make the bottom ad block in sidebar dynamic view, to stay under the right side ad block on the layout? Since in low screen res. some of the ad goes back on the Right side ad.

  13. Hi Mohammad,

    do you happen to know if we can use CSS or something else to customize the color? as those "integrated ads" in blogger dynamic views are not customize-able in adsense account

    Regards, Jo.

  14. that's very informative, but is it possible to put custom ads inside and not the default ads?

  15. I am using a Dynmaic View for my blog and there really is no side bar. I did what you said above but am still seeing no ads popping up. I have been through the adsence approval process and should be good to go.

  16. I have dymanic views in my blog after reading this post, i need to change it now

  17. Assalamu'alaikum Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
    I want to ask you about this dynamic views, i have blog about islamic motivation images, this is in bahasa indonesia language (my first blog ). My question is can i see the ads if i open my blog on smartphone?

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