Blogger in Draft Blog Retires but Service Remains

blogger-in-draft retiredThis is a quick update to let you all know that Blogger team has put an end to Blogger in draft blog which was introduced in 2007 in parallel to Blogger draft service which lets users to try new things before they are released at The blog was used for keeping users up to date with the latest features, widgets and other miscellaneous developments. Updates will now be shared on their official Google Plus page and you can follow latest news by adding them to your circle. This surely is a step to promote Google's giant project which is their social networking tool: Google+. You must keep in mind that Blogger in Draft service is still alive and you can continue playing with unreleased features of Google blogger through your Draft dashboard. Its only the blog that will no more be updated.

How To Follow blogger updates?

You are provided with two options:
1. Follow and subscribe to Buzz Blogger
buzz is where blogger developer shares latest news, announcements, new products, monetization tips, gadgets, template designs, and important events. I would strongly recommend you keep a close look at updates shared here to keep yourself on the track.
2. Follow and Circle their Google+ page
Here you will find the team even more energetic and prompt to comments. You can directly communicate with them and post your feedback and suggestions. You can also inform them of any bugs or problems you may be facing. You can join Blogger's Google+ live hangouts and socialize like never before. I am sharing below the latest hangout on Blogging for Your Business which took place on May 16, 2012:
The hangout shared important tips for people looking forward to promote a product or brand, drive traffic from search engines and social media, post topics, trends etc. Below is the summary of the discussion that took place
1) Decide on goals. Do you want to promote your products and services? Drive traffic to your website or store? Brand yourself as an expert in your field? Make sure your blog helps you reach your business goals before jumping in.
2) But I already have a website? Why not have both! You can make your blog posts the dynamic part of your website, and still keep the static pages for "About Me", "Hours and Location", "Products" and more. Blogger even allows you to create those static pages easily:
3) Establish yourself as an expert. Have a bakery? Post pics of your latest creations or share your favorite recipes. Own a boutique? Write about the latest trends you're seeing and stocking for. When your content is followed and shared, you'll be able to drive traffic to both your website and store.
4) Use social media to draw traffic. Using things like Google+ and Twitter can help get the word out about your content. If you're a brick-and-mortar store, building that social media presence can help you tap in to new audiences and potentially bring in new customers.
5) Have fun. Blogging doesn't need to be a chore. Write short and sweet posts, with lots of visuals, and don't feel like you need to post every day - try once or twice a week to get started.
The last point where post frequency is concerned they mentioned you don't need to post daily, you can try posting once or twice a week. I would strongly object to this point because this is where you shatter all your blogging goals. Millions of pages are uploaded daily and internet is being overloaded with tons of content. Competition is extremely high and search engines are even smarter. Blogs that do not update daily fail in attracting robots, fail in building consistently increasing readership and suffer in terms of page impressions and ultimately low revenue at the end of the month. Google and Bing loves blogs that provide fresh and new content daily. In order to turn the wave of all organic traffic towards yourself and build yourself as an authority you must update your readers daily and ping spiders several times through new posts and comments. This is what that turns out as traffic and handsome revenue at the end of the month. Please carefully read our tips on post frequency to understand this fundamental blogging requirement:

Your thoughts?

What do you think about this blog retirement. Do you think updates on Google plus will keep you better informed and can blogger hear you more clearly via this new page? Please share your precious thoughts on this and let us know anything we may have missed mentioning. Till then peace and blessings. :)

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  1. I'm a regular reader of Blogger in Draft blog and this is a bad news if you will treat it as a lost.

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  3. I know this was a off topic (may be stupid) question, but I don't find any realated posts in your site. " If i set blogger feed to 'short', then any problems with sitemap or google bot indexing (because in blogger i submit site feed as sitemap) ??? Please reply..

  4. I got this news yesterday and I thought the whole draft version will be gone. But now I come to know that only the blog related to draft won't update. That's ok for me.

    Waiting for answers Mohammad. Won't leave now as exams are over :p :D

  5. Hmmm it will not effect on me or my blog :)

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  7. @manuel
    Well indeed blog posts are more detailed and comprehensive and is a collection of several great posts. With google plus it would be a little difficult to present the post in its true format and alignment.


    visit instead of and you will find a whole new dashboard with a lot of new tools :) Its where new tools are tested before released to


    All our posts are short and its completely independent of google indexing. Your posts are shortened only when they are emailed to your readers or read through feed readers but they appear in full length to google robots.
    Its a good practise to send only a summary of your posts and provide a read more link back to your post so that your pageviews may increase. :)

    Ok boss on your duty now :) Check it in a while.

  8. @Mohammad
    Oh please don't call me a boss.. plzzzz.
    I better be your bro :)
    I replied back.

  9. Welcome bro, it's a long time to see you again on MBT.
    I have a question i know its off topic, but if you can answer this it will be helpful to me.
    I had recently transferred my blogspot blog with PR1 and 900k alexa to custom i have lost my site's rankings as well as experiencing the steep decrease in traffic.. It's now only about 50 pageviews which was about 300-400...
    I was aware of the fact that i will gonna to loose rankings, but not sure about the traffic fall..
    Can you suggest me what to do..
    Looking forward for your helpful reply.