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Guest Blogging
Guest posting is one of the surest way of increasing you chances of online success. First of all, guest posting can boost your website traffic. It gives you the opportunity to interact with new people, gain follower ship, and get a backlink out of it! Posting at a blog more popular than your own can bring you immense benefits. A fellow guest author has written about his experience about guest posting at MBT. He, and countless more have benefited from the practice.

Note:   This offer is only for our loyal readers. Link builders stay away!

Here's your chance to write guest posts for STC network. If you wish to write a guest post with us, it will be accepted and published at Smart Earning Methods, so long as it meets the guidelines given below. For those of you who don't know, SEM (Smart Earning Methods) is a sister blog of MBT and is under the STC network.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Following are some guidelines you need to follow if you want your guest post to be published at SEM. If you meet all the guidelines, then I don't see any reason why your post should not be published. We can, however, disqualify submissions if they are not up to the standard. Please understand our need for quality.

Topic selectionSince you will be posting at Smart Earning Methods, you must keep the niche in mind. It should be about ways of earning money for people. That includes both online and offline ways. For a general idea about the niche, look at some ways to earn money at SEM.

Post Length - Your post must be at least 1000 words long. You are under no deadlines, so you can take all the time you need to write those 1000 words.

Title and Intro paragraph - Choose an interesting topic title. Don't use something like "Earn Money from Facebook" etc. Instead, say something like "Top 10 quick ways of Earning Money From Facebook". Develop some interest in the readers. Also, try to develop your post idea in the intro paragraph with the most keywords. Both your title and intro paragraphs must be keyword-rich. Intro paragraph must be at least 100 words in length.

It should be useful - Before submitting, ask yourself this question. Is it valuable information? Also, before deciding upon a topic, please check if a similar topic exists or not. Do not choose an already existing topic.

Be creative and uniqueThe post must be unique in every regard, free of duplicate content and must follow copyright laws. Avoid redundancy in explanations.

Use good grammar - This is very important. You don't need to have a very good English, but you must at least follow all grammar rules, and avoid grammatical mistakes. For your own convenience, write short sentences. Your writing should make sense. Otherwise, they may be cut out, or your post rejected. Run a spell check before submitting your post.

Keep the quality good - Aside from using proper grammar, your content should be well written as well, and properly structured. Use headings, sub-headings, bullets points etc. Also, keep your writing precise, and to the point. 

No plagiarism, please - This is the most important point here. Your content should be absolutely unique, and there should be NO plagiarized content. Your posts will be run through special plagiarism checker software. Your posts will be trashed immediately if found plagiarized. And no further posts will be entertained from that person.

No duplication - Please do not duplicate the content you write here. Everything you write on a blog is property of that blog, even though you have full credit for it. Do not duplicate the content anywhere. If duplicate content is found, we will check for its source and if a link to you is found, we will immediately ban you from MBT resources and block your email id.

Use images and videos - Try to put in images and videos in your content. If you don't include a video, then that's fine. But you must include a good quality, unique intro image, and one other image related to your content. Thus, include at least two images. Remember; don't submit copyrighted images, or very common images.

Include your bio - In your submission, include a one or two line bio about yourself. Send in your full name, your blog name, and your blog URL.

What will you get?

First of all, you will get a good quality dofollow backlink. Indeed, guest posting is all about building backlinks and traffic. Second, you will get a whole new audience to interact with, and you might take some of that audience if your content is good enough. And you will have the honor of being the lucky few who got an opportunity to write for us! And you might be mentioned in our future posts!

How to submit guest posts?

This time, instead of Muhammad, I will be moderating your guest posts myself. Simply create a word document, and write your post in it. Once you are done, send me your document at zaib_qasim AT hotmail. Don't spam my inbox, please :P.

These guidelines might seem a bit strict, but we have certain rules here at STC network. Don't worry though. Just put your motivation behind your work, and everything will be fine! The hard work you put in clearly shows in your post. So don't worry, just write something valuable, and send it to us. I'd be happy to publish it. Looking forward to working with you guys. You're awesome, all of you :D

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