Why Host Blogger Blog on HostGator?

blogger blog on hostgatorBlogging is your business which requires investment both in terms of energy, time and money. As time goes on your little blog will grow and draw attention of search engines and social media in terms of traffic. Visitors enjoy when you offer something unique and something that may help them and provide them with a reason to visit your blog. I started blogging in 2009 with blogger and as time passed I started enjoying it and this hobby turned into a profession. I needed a reliable company to help me expand this little blog so that tomorrow we could add new tools and resources to it. Readers deserve the right to be provided with an open forum where they could exchange ideas and interact more openly with one another. Off-topic questions often result in deletion and therefore a Forum becomes important when you want to keep things simple and clean.  Google Blogs unfortunately doesn't allow access to the server where your files are hosted for free. Which means you can not create sub domains for your blog where you could add a Forum, portfolio page or services page. Thus a reliable web hosting company becomes a necessity.
Note: This is part1 of our series on choosing Best Hosting for your Blogs. I will be sharing my personal experiences here, technical details, personal help, web hosting plans and discount coupon codes.
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What is Web Hosting? What Difference will it make?

Web hosting in layman terms is simply buying a storage space for your website and all its files. Your files will be stored in secured hard disks owned by the web hosting company. Like all our files of services page, tools and Forum are stored at HostGator. The style sheets, the JavaScript, the HTML pages, images, videos and any media used on our website sub domains are stored in secured HostGator servers/computers.
You can create a whole new website and attach it to your blog. For example our services page which is still under development is a complete new website linked to our blog through a sub domain. What is sub domain? Its actually a sub part of your main domain. For example:

Sub Domains

Not just that, you will have free Email Accounts that will give you a professional Email address like.
You can even create a wordpress blog with hostgator like everyone else. With web hosting you have a complete control on your website and you can equip it with anything you wish.

What is Domain hosting?

Domain hosting means that you are simply purchasing a custom URL like  .com .net or .org etc. which may mask  .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com. It costs around $10 to buy a domain from blogger itself. 80% Blogger users purchase domain instead of web hosting because they think that web hosting is a lot expensive and they can't afford it. They also live in a misconception that why buy hosting when Blogger provides it for free.
Its true that blogger blogs are hosted for free but with just domain hosting you are sacrificing a great investment. This is what you can not do with domain hosting:
  1. You can not create sub domains
  2. You can not create multiple email accounts
  3. You can not create web pages
  4. You can not create a Forum
  5. You can not store or upload files
  6. You can not learn and experience new tools and technologies
  7. You will always run after free storage services. Everything on your blog will always be owned by someone else. From your contact forms to scripts that you use are stored on third party servers, thus making your blog's load time damn slow.
  8. You will remain a Blogger and will never grow as a webmaster
Domain hosting costs around $10-$15 per year and web hosting costs less than $3.96 per month or $40-$45 per year. We waste hundreds of dollars per month but just $40 dollars per year will bring you in a much better and comfortable stage. You will learn playing with tools daily!

Why HostGator?

We never talked about web hosting and haven't written a single tutorial on it before. But now when I have personally experienced what it feels like to be a webmaster I can share its pros and cons. Its been a month now since we purchased web hosting for our blog and sub domains from HostGator. I always wanted to learn how forums works, how files are uploaded via ftp, how html web pages are created and stored on a server and etc. I thought all these things would require great technical skills and it would not be a good idea to put your money at risk. I lived with this thought for a year and just a month ago I realized how successful have my friends grown and I was there still depending on free lunch. I was scared how to start but then almost everyone whom I asked for suggestion recommended that we should choose HostGator as our web hosting company. I visited Hostgator's homepage and started my research. Whether I searched for the list of top 10 web hosting companies or best web host or best Forum host or best blog host, I found this blue crocodile every where.
Their homepage is full of awards and achievements that speak for itself but that still doesn't matter if your hosting company has a poor customer service. Their amazing 24/7 Live Chat service is something I can't stop praising. Without their excellent technical support I could not have learnt and experienced tons of things that I apply to this blog daily. We had to transfer our domain from old registrar to hostGator and for this we needed help and guidance. Amazingly HostGator helped us far more openly than our registrar who even lives in my town. Whether it may be a simple query or technical help, the agents at hostgator wont tell you what to do, they will themselves manage everything you want. My DNS settings along with Email Accounts were all setup by an agent for free. I just sat and relaxed.
About their technical details you may better visit HostGator Homepage.

What can I create after buying a hosting plan?

You can create almost anything using several excellent software found at HostGator control Panel (Cpanel).
Some examples include:
  1. Blog Software eg: Wordpress, LifeType
  2. Forum Software
  3. Gallery Software
  4. Guestbook Software
  5. Website Builder
  6. Mail Software eg: xyz@mybloggertricks.com
  7. Social Networking Software eg: Facebook, mySpace
  8. Wiki Software
  9. Survey Software
  10. Billing Software
  11. Chat Software
  12. Directory Software
  13. eCommerce Software
  14. So on...

HostGator is crazy

I really mean it! HostGator guys are simply crazy. On every special occasions they offer discounts as far as 80%. Hosting for three years which could cost $150  would cost you just $30!  I will be updating you with such discount coupons in my coming posts.
If you register now using the coupon code below during the sign up process you will get 25% discount on any purchase your make.
Click this link and try it.
If you are buying a hosting for just one year or two years then using the following coupon will give you $9.94 OFF
Click this link and try it.

How to Host Blogger on HostGator?

Analyze whatever I just shared today and Research for yourselves until you are convinced. Your blogger blog will still be accessed and used via blogger.com. You will write your posts like you normally do. You don't need redirection or anything. You wont loose traffic, pagerank or any other harm. Take our blog as an example, everything looks better than before. You just need to buy a domain from hostgator along with web hosting and then tell the Agent via live chat to do the work for you and set your DNS settings. Within 1-2 days you can enjoy a life of a webmaster. You can create a Forum, portfolio, download page, services page and even a wordpress blog. If you don't use Blogger and wish to start a wordpress blog straight then there can be no better web host than this blue crocodile.
Note: Before making any purchase please wait for my next post which will share step by step help on what plan to choose out of Hatchling, Baby and Business.
UPDATE: The post on hosting plans can be read here: HostGator Best Hosting Plans For Bloggers
I am running out of time as its too late here. I will write a detailed post tomorrow telling you what plan to choose, for how many years should you register an account, and all the technical details required. I will share some more discount coupons and would try my best to share a discount coupon of 50% so that you could enjoy free web hosting for the first year. Please clarify all your doubts by asking relevant questions. I will make sure to reply them the sooner possible. Its time to take a smart step. Peace and blessings pals! :)

If you don't want to get yourself into Serious Technical Trouble while editing your Blog Template then just sit back and relax and let us do the Job for you at a fairly reasonable cost. Submit your order details by Clicking Here »


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  2. Thank you for sharing this Sir. I have few questions now in my mind because I may want to host my blogger blog to hostgator too.

    1. My domain will expire on July this year, should I renue it via blogger or buy the same domain name on hostgator?

    2. If I want them to set up my blogger blog to hostgator, is it free? Should I only pay the domain and web hosting? Free service 100%?

    3. For now my blog is too new and base on your advice I am not in the focus of making money but I want to invest something on it. Can you help me with this thing? I am interested perhaps by July. I visit your services subdomain and it looks plain and very professional! My blog is built mainly with your tutorial sir.


    Thank you :)

  3. Simply you are the best. Awesome Article thanks and waiting for next post.

  4. Dear Friend, I want to know the Best Hosting Service Provider that would be accepting payments via MoneyBookers, while the HostGator have no option without Credit Card and Paypal, while neither I Credit Card nor money in Paypal Account,, Please tell me any other Best Hosting Service Provider,,

  5. Dear Mohammad. It is not true that domain hosting does not allow you to set up sub-domains. I use blogger and I bought a domain name with GoDaddy - my domain is www.protesilaos.com. I have so set up 3 subdomains with GoDaddy by accessing the DNS settings. I am allowed to set up almost a 100 such subdomains. To create a subdomain and make it functional, just design another blogger blog and redirect the url to the desired subdomain. It works perfectly for me.

    Of course you are correct about emails and file hosting. As for the forum that is a special case and yes you are right - though I am sure that a blogger blog can be customized in such a way to resemble a forum.

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  9. U could have used www.creativeon.com
    In Pakistan
    It give all the same things that hostgator does in just only 770 rs.
    It provides sub domains, emails, and much more

  10. Hi Mohammad,
    Your tutorials are always awesome. Thanks for your support, as I have learned alot of techniques for my Blogspot blogs.
    Now I want to create a WordPress blog and in search of a good hosting company. You are right that everyone is suggesting HostGator, most probably for their coupons but one of my friend suggested a coupon free web hosting company www.worldsitehost.com as he is using its services satisfactorily. Now after a lot of comparison of world site host with other hosting companies. I am also convinced to buy web hosting from them. Their response time is also less than an hour always.
    I request you to please do some research and guide me which one is the best?

  11. your blog not opening without www. Maybe problems with a name records.

  12. @Haider
    Check your Inbox dude :)

    Did you get your answer here? :)

    @Prime Aque

    1. Yes better transfer as soon as possible. Because domains which are renewed 60 days ago can't be transfered. You purchased your domain on 15th of june 2011 so its good time to transfer. Please wait for my tutorial on how to transfer your domain to hostgator. It will explain everything clearly.

    2. Yes fortunately transfer to hostgator is completely free unlike other web hosting companies that charge $18. This is why I call them crazy! :)

    3. If you are following that magic tip of posting daily and posting on hot topics like social media then one year would turn your blog into Money making machine. Do not focus on ads for one year and keep writing and build readership. Keep your design clean and professional.

    Always welcomed buddy. :)

    My pleasure pal. :>

    @Mairaj Pirzada
    In such case you can ask the Hostgator agents through Live Chat. You can also send your money thorugh western union which does not require cash just sent money at hostgator address. Kindly confirm this from the agents

    @Protesilaos Stavrou

    You are right pal. Godaddy offers limited sub domains but we are talking about FTP servers where you could upload web pages, stylesheets and scripts. Right now you are well aware that even your contact form is hosted at a third party site and does not belong to you. Web hosting provides you with unlimited domains and complete control. What I like about it is Learning. You can only learn how web pages work and how web hosting functions if you spend some bucks which I am sure you can. The domain hosting at Godaddy is too costly, if you just add few more dollars on what you pay to godaddy, you can have your own self hosted website.

    Blogger blogs work on xml and Forums are created using php. A Forum is a much complex program compared to blog and its really not possible to create a forum in blogger. However you can emebede free forums inside blogger but again its free and not yours.

    Hope this helps buddy. :>

    Bro thinking is what that keeps us double minded. Its time to research and apply. :)

    @Syed Abdul Qayyum

    Thanks for your kind words. Syed kindly avoid asking off-topic questions. I am creating a Forum where you are most welcomed to ask as many questions as possible. I can't access your blog buddy?

    1. For comment count links like in this blogg please read. Add auto comment count in blogger

    2. For all queries related to comment box please write in the search box "Customize Comment box"

    I will help you in more detail once the forum is published. Please keep your questions relevant to the post pal. Always welcomed. :)

    You are off-topic too dude! :)
    Normally the dynamic titles appear on all feed accounts. No special settings on my side but you may try rechecking this:

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    Hope this helps faiz.

    @M Saad
    Hostgator servers gives 100% uptime and normally you cant achieve that with local hosts who are normally resellers. They buy a quota from hostgator and create their own company. This is how small web hosting companies work in our country buddy.

    @Arul frances

    You pointed a great thing which must be changed. Thank you for all your kind remarks pal. I just changed it. :)

    @Ayush Agrawal

    Thanks for reminding. I just edited the settings. Its working fine now. :)

  13. Thank you so much sir, I am always waiting for your post everyday. I am looking for that complete tutorial :)

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  16. I think it's okay to host on blogger, it seems pretty reliable, I haven't noticed any down time. Also,

    -You can just create multiple emails on Gmail.
    -You can create pages, e.g. contact us.
    -Dropbox can host all your js files, and Picasa for images, youtube for videos.

    Only thing I can't figure out is a good workaround for a forum. I also have one question. What do you think about disqus vs. blogger comments?

  17. for creating sub domains lyk forum.coondapur.com what shud we enter in the CNAME section!! coz whn i entered it showed an error as i had alredy entered it in A RECORDS

  18. i cannot know about spreach a file on my blog please give knologe me about download a file on blog?
    my email karamat_khan@ymail.com

  19. Hi Mohammad. Love your blog. I use hostgator, however after I decided to have my site www.solusync.com on blogger I didn´t find a way to host it on a my hostgator account, so I bought domain essentials from misk.com. I am however paying a baby or business package (can´t remember which right now) on host gator. I want to know if you can show a tutorial on how to host your blog on host gator (the dns part) without the support team of hostgator doing it for you.

    I buy my domains on misk.com, can I host my bogger on hostgator without transferring my domain name from misk to hostgator?

    Hope you understand.

    Thanks. Regards,
    Maria Cristal

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    Thanks for an informative post. I really enjoy it

  21. Nice post but i was looking for a way to change the hosting of my custom domain which i have registered through blogger,so that i can use it through wordpress.Can you tell me a way to change my google hosting and get a new one so that i can start using my domain through wordpress without changing my domain name.Please please tell me i would be very thankfull?

  22. Are these two terms: webhosting and domain hosting different?????

  23. Hello dear Mohammad,

    Can i pay the Domain hosting of hostgator with liberty reserve ?
    i dont have credit card or paypal !

  24. Hostgator is the best web hosting. i like this hosting

  25. hello sir,
    i have buyed a hosting not from hostgator from manashosting.does it possible to transfer blogger to hostgator and please tell me how....????

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    Web development at good price.

  27. thnx Mohammed .... hostgator is the best webhosting company ...

  28. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for such wonderful guides. I have read 3 posts and I am already in love with your blog. However I have some questions from different topics with I hope you will answer soon. :)

    1. Rich Snippets Tool is not working for me. Reason?
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    2. What are the latest Hostgator discount coupons?

    3. Okay I was searching for best host and was confused b/w Hostgator and GoDaddy but now I think I ll go with Hostgator and choose Hatchling plan then which sort of services I can expect from them? Will they provide me with widgets or new apps?

    Thanks for these wonderful guides again. I m straight away subscribing to your blog oops I mean website ;)


  29. Right description about the web hosting as this is used to purchase a web space on server so that your website visible on internet.

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