How To Host Files on Google Code For Free?

File hosting on googleGooglepages were amazing resource for bloggers who could not afford web hosting costs. I remember, it offered a free storage of 100MB but due to its failure Google replace it with Google sites which proved to be far more unsuccessful. Development is increasing therefore Google showed its generosity again by providing a free 4GB upload storage with an  amazing upload limit  of 200MB per file! I found it too important for blogger users. We often need direct links to host JavaScript, jquery and some flash files. Due to low quality free serving sites like mydatanest, fileave, boxtr etc., I thought it would be great to share how can Google help you in this case. Lets learn a new free way to host files.

I must remind you that you can upload anything you want under the limit of 200MB per file. May it be Java, php, MySQL or even pyThon.


Google Project Hosting

This free service is called Google project hosting. We will need to create an account/project  first with gmail ID. Lets begin

  1. Log into this link with your Gmail ID
  2. Then give your Project a name without spaces and fill up remaining blanks as shown below,

saves files in google for free

3.   Fill up the areas simply with your blog title and choose MIT as the license and choose Mercurial version.

        4.   Hit "Create Project"

         5.  On the next window click the New Download link under the Downloads Tab. See the screenshot below:

saving files on googlecode

          6. Next to summary field give your file a name and hit the browse button to locate your file. Click submit file and bingo you are done!

          7. Click your uploaded file and you will be taken to a new page.

          8. Clicking it again will popup a download window but we don't need to download it. Instead rightclick the file and choose "Copy link location" This link is what you would need when linking to the file through your blogger Edit HTML section.

saving files on googlecode



I will ask you in future to save your javascripts here in order to make the tutorial length precise and make things look more simple. It wont slow down your widgets load time because the script is located on Google servers with 100% uptime. You can save javascripts on Blogger too but its better to keep your template clean rather pasting large chunks of code inside it. Have fun pals! :)

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  1. thanks for this post mant

    why dont you redirect all your templates links and test lab to subdomain to your blog
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    i would like also to know the pack that you bought from hostgrator name and if i will buy i will buy under your affilate link

    can you tell me please how to make a subscribtion as mashable so that the subscriber choose the topic that he want to follow

    i will explain more

    when you see the subscribtion box you see check boxes you choose the topic that you want can i make this in blogger

    Can i make the widget to show again repeatidly only at those who didn't click like?

    and thanks mohammed

  2. great resource , i will use it personally!

  3. Great Post
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  4. can i use this service for hosting zip files or other media files?

  5. Thanks for the info as usual... Keep up the good work... we bloggers owe it to you ;)

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    Thanks for this post. You have very clearly explained a new free way to host files with the pictorial format and it has cut the need of web hosting expert.

  7. this is what i am excepting

  8. what is MIT license and Mercurial version.

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  10. i have posted a question on your google plus profile and waiting for your response will you mind answering that ?

  11. @Ahmad
    Answered in detail on Jquery popup for facebook likebox. :)

    You can store any file you wish. :>


    My pleasure pal. Always welcomed. :)

    MIT license is just a formality to let people know that the project copyrights are reserved by the author alone. Mercurial specifies the project type. These things are not our concern because we are surely not going deep in development or using this free resource for developing tools. These are details for developers. Hope this helps :)

  12. @DR Adil
    Just replied all your queries. Apologies for replying so late.

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  14. Hey Mohammad Please do a tutorial for "Page navigation inside a post" I searched the whole internet but i could not please can you do a tutorial for this.


  15. wow... finaly i got this technique

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  16. hey How to save in google sites.. because i have download somefiles from link url like how to do that????

  17. broo,,,thnxxx for this post but tell me how to get direct link for internet. which can show our hosted file direct on internet, like in blogger, when we host any image it gives us direct link for that image,

    answer as soon as possible.


  18. good post but this tutorial will not work is you host mime-type file. yesterday i wrote in my bangla blog How To Host MIME-type Files on Google Code

  19. Thank you so much for this tutorial--I'm not any kind of programmer, just a mom trying to create a blog for my small business. You just solved a huge problem in a very understandable way--thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be giving your blog and this tutorial a shout out when I write about my new blog layout.

  20. I have been able to use google code to create menus using their google gadgets, and xml. I use TortiseSVN to upload to the repository. It has been working well for that purpose. But I wonder what I am doing wrong for html, flash, etc. I can upload and get the links to the files but they do not act right in the browser. For example, when I upload html and then try to view it in the browser, it sets up a download of the file instead of actually showing the page. Is there some "mode" I need to save these files in, or somehow change the permissions? I've had good luck in certain areas, and then not so good luck in others. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  21. @Sam Azgor

    MIME type? I wonder if you are answering my question below, about saving in a certain mode. I will check your link. I sure do appreciate you folks sharing what you've learned!

  22. @Sam Azgor

    Ah well it's not in English, but now I am going to research MIME type files. This sounds like something that might help me.

  23. Wow, it is 100 work ! Thanks for tutorial..
    But, how long the file stay on google code server?

  24. It seems google has removed the download option from the google code.

  25. I didnt find download tab...sad....

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  27. FYI Google is killing off downloads through Google code

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