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Submit Blog To Bloggers DirectoryI am really amazed at the new look of Bloggers Directory which in fact has all features that a Directory must have. You can no doubt expect to drive fair amount of traffic by registering your blogs there. The more votes your receive the higher the chances for your blog to receive traffic from the community.  You can interact with other interesting niche bloggers and can expand your blogging network. A minimum 40 votes can push to the front page of the category "Best Bloggers" The early you submit your blog the better it is. The submission is extremely easy. Follow the simple steps below.


How to Submit Blog To Bloggers Directory?

  1. Go to registration page by Clicking here
  2. Fill up the simple instructions by keeping these tips in mind:
  • Keep your Blog title as short and attractive as possible. Use no more than 4 words
  • Keep Blog description the same that you have used in your Meta Description
  • Use Sensible Tags/Labels that may describe your entire blog content
  • When asked to verify your blog by adding the Directories Badge then choose the link version instead of the logo one.

   3.   Once you have submitted your blog, then verify it by adding their logo to your blog

   4.   It will start appearing in the search page of Bloggers Directory once it is accepted.

   5.   Add a good quality thumbnail image of your blog. Use an image with 100px by 100px in size. This will produce a full size quality thumbnail.

   6.   Done!


How To Drive Traffic From Bloggers Directory?

What normally newbie bloggers or visitors to any directory does is visiting the "Most Popular Blogs" or "Best Bloggers" category. They can also search blog by country. So you make sure to you interact with the directory members/users as much as possible. Make friends and ask them to comment and vote for you. Ask for good and fair comments instead of one liners. If you succeeded in achieving at least 40 votes then I am sure you will be able to receive some traffic from their.

How to add Bloggers Badges To Wordpress?

I guess the video below is the best way of learning on how to add Bloggers Directory badge to Wordpress.


Add Bloggers Badges Tumblr?



Why Join?

I normally don't encourage readers to submits blogs to directories unless the directory is extremely well developed and worth trying. I have seen blogs from this directory appearing in Google Search Results page (SERP) and I think this can contribute some amount of traffic if you use it effectively by engaging with users and asking for more and more votes. I will recommend it for starters who need an initial boost up in their traffic and readership.

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