6 Tactics To Write Hot Controversial Topics

how to write controversial topics?The topic for today may not be a topic at all for many .Then what urged me to write a complete post on it? Actually, a friend of mine requested me to write on a particular topic. And the sad news is; it was a controversy. I could have simply made an excuse because I don’t choose such topics. But, what if the same happens to you and the person asking is not your friend but the gruesome boss of yours? Or what if you, for some unavoidable reasons, are forced to write on such topic? Some of you may be thinking that I am wasting your time… you can write it the way as you write any other article of yours. To tell you the truth, it’s not that easy. You may lose some of your loyal readers if you take it casually. And this is the reason why I felt it eligible worth your precious time.


Purpose of Controversial Topics?

I usually avoid reading such articles until and unless it becomes really unavoidable. Because most of such issues are raised to keep people engaged, heading towards nowhere. If it is really so, why do people write about them? There can be many reasons:

  1. Such issues really need to be addressed.
  2. They can exploit emotions and make them give feedback, consequently gaining more traffic.
  3. They are really passionate about it…think positive

Whatever the reason is, one needs to careful enough about it.
How to write controversial topics that may derive traffic and engage readers more in your latest updates. keeping the following Tactics and techniques in mind would greatly ease your problem while writing a polite criticism.

1. Set the judgment criteria:

If you are able to decide the criteria on basis of which you are making comparisons; half of your difficulties are solved there. For example, if I am a fan of ‘Windows Platform’, I cannot say that Linux is not a suitable choice just because I love Windows. No…I am supposed to sort out some parameters for making a decision. These can be number of users, number of software supported, security issues, user friendly environment, frequent updates etc. Make a rational basis and save you from emotional reactions.

2. Clarify yourself/No prejudice:

Well, getting rid of prejudices is not that easy. Everybody has certain view point and there’s nothing wrong in it. But it may harm you when you are supposed to be a responsible writer. If you are too eager about presenting your school of thought; take a paper and pen and list all arguments. When you have written all what you had to say, you will feel satisfied. This will bring you in a better state of mind and now prepare yourself to listen to the voice of others.

3. Present all school of thoughts:

If you are ready to listen to others, it means that as a responsible writer you should mention the difference in opinion that exists between people. And do I need to say ‘Tell the truth only’? Showing single side of picture reflects narrow approach of the author. And come on … you can’t be a successful blogger with such approach. Since, we need to switch between technologies after checking pros and cons; it’s never about benefits only or vice versa.

4. Revisit your post:

Yes, you need to go through your arguments at least once, to make sure that it is free from any emotional elements. You may then draw a conclusion. But most of the times you can’t do so… because it is a controversy, remember? So, what should be the next step?

5. Welcome Criticism:

As I said ‘draw a conclusion’, I can now rephrase it as ‘Tell your personal opinion’. You are not supposed to pass a judgment in such cases. You should be humble enough in presenting your opinion and then welcome positive criticism open heartedly. And this invitation is really important for such kind of topics. Tell your readers that their opinion is worth sharing and this will increase your respect in their hearts.

6. Frequency of controversial posts:

Now, the next question is how often should such posts be written? Of course, nobody will love to visit a blog full of controversial posts, especially when it’s a technology blog like ours. People tend to visit your blog to find information and knowledge. They want to learn and use new technologies; not to stop there and submit comment one after the other. Don’t turn it into a gossip forum. Once or twice a month is affordable but not more than that.

Well you can come up with more ways to handle it. Don’t forget to share those with us. Stay Blessed!

Guest Post by Aiman Khan. MBT's Silver Star Contributor.

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