Do you Know What i-Marketing is?

what is i-marketingInternet marketing (‘i-Marketing’) is also known as ‘web marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’. It refers to the promotion of goods and services to generate some revenue through internet. Whether the strategy of driving revenue be from E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, local internet marketing or even the illegal black hat ways. Its all about driving money. You must have heard this term many times, but we thought it important to discuss it here; to give our readers especially the newbie a better idea of it.


How to understand i-Marketing?

One can’t be successful in marketing until and unless he has designed a complete business plan. By understanding it, I do not mean that you keep browsing over the internet and read everything tagged with ‘i-marketing’. No! Read in the right direction and focus to learn about the following:

1-Determine the trends:

Since technology is updating every other day. One trend is setting in the market and the other is out of it. Before you market, it’s important to know that you are not doing business for obsolete products or tech. Focus on what is most demanded? What will be demanded? ; What has been into market for a long time?

2-Risk Factor:

You can’t progress in business unless you take risks. But you can’t afford a risk if it is the only source of living for you. You may need to find out the guaranteed sources of income .e.g. instead of establishing your own blog you can work as a freelancer for well established blogs. And the good thing with i-marketing is you can work at as many different places as you are able to manage. Take a break and decide what you can afford. Before you make a decision, make sure to believe yourself.

3-Analyze your interests:

Very few people are crazy after one thing. Most of us usually have a compromising list of interests. If blogging is not working...fine; go for e-mail marketing. Take my advice and make two separate lists of careers; one according to your interests and the other according to their scope in business. Analyze them and where you find a balance, go for it. Don’t waste your time. Select the interest which can justly pay you back.

4-Set a target:

Once, you are done with the above mentioned things, it’s now time to set the target. For example, if I were to establish a blog, I will target the number of daily visitors, number of subscribers, number of face book likes and tweets etc I want to achieve in three months. And get started!

Who should enter into i-Market?

Well it’s not about just getting information and ignore it. If you are up to the following criteria, I would strongly recommend you to choose it. I am not saying that those who do not meet any requirement should never enter, I am just encouraging those who have the potential and they are unaware of it.

1-Do you think BIG?

If you don’t allow anyone to be your boss, or are you fed up of your limited monthly salary? Do you want to have some space now? Do you want to move ahead now? Are you thinking big? If yes; it is the right place where you can achieve bigger. Many entrepreneurs have set example and has gone from zero to million dollars per month. Think big and grab the opportunity.

2- Are you a Fast learner?

Are you a fast learner? Can you rapidly switch between technologies? Do you love to stay updated? Are you enthusiastic about acquiring knowledge? Do you enjoy sharing it? If yes, give yourself a chance.

3-Don’t have a good qualification?

If for any reason, you were unable to get a good degree or if you are a student and you are facing financial problems… a little hard work can solve your problems. There are many jobs in this market for those who are not supposed to be graduates. If you are literate, you can earn by typing only. It offers you a respectable job at home. You don’t need to be a highly qualified PhD to earn here. You can earn by merely playing games here.

4- Don’t have monetarily investment?

Do you think you are talented and have the guts to make your identity, but you don’t have a sound finance? Is this what makes you worried? Well, the best thing about i-marketing is you don’t need to spend a single penny from your pocket and still have the chance to earn handsome income. Of course it requires hard work, commitment and dedication. Your only investment is ‘Time’.

5- Do you love to accept challenges?

Are you well settled and your life going smooth? And for the same reason is it becoming boring for you? You are fond of taking risks? You are able to accept challenges and meet them? And you have not entered the digital world yet? Come on…what are you waiting for?   
It’s all about what worth do you determine for your hard work and how well you find your way.

Hope little effort will be helpful for all our beloved readers and new visitors. Please feel free to comment or ask any relevant question that may help us better understand our goals and better

Guest Post by Rahmeen Khan (Aiman). MBT's Silver Star Contributor.

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