Facebook Timeline Cover: Create Hot Designs!

make Facebook timeline coverFacebook's new Timeline profile design have almost replaced all old profiles and offers a complete different social touch. We have shared detailed tutorials on how to customize the look, colors and layout of Facebook and now its time to customize Facebook timeline Cover Photos. New creative ways of Changing the look of timeline is at its peak. Some online tools have been created that lets you to automatically generate a Cool Cover for your new profile. These generated covers fit perfectly in your timeline with proper width and height dimensions. Using these tools you can make amazing cover photos either using your memorable photos or a cool designed version of your Profile title or your name.
I am listing below 4 great website tools that will help you make beautiful Cover photos for your FB Profiles. Lets check them out then!

FB Cover PIX - Facebook Cover Gallery

FB Cover Pix is created exclusively for uploading, exploring, and sharing cover photos that can be used on Facebook's new Timeline profile design. It offers a large gallery of downloadable images which you can upload to Facebook and add them as your cover pages.

myFBCovers - Facebook Cover Gallery

myFBCovers is an interesting site that does not only allow you to create a Facebook Cover but you can also share your personalized cover with myFBcovers members and can expect to win a cash prize up to $50 per week and $100 per month if your cover gets the most downloads. You can also take inspiration from thousands of cool designed covers and can see which colors and design is downloaded the most. I am going to design one, will you? :)
It allows you to crop and adjust your cover size. You can also add effects like Polaroid and panorama. It has all possible Cover categories like Abstract, nature, celebrities, holidays and much more!
design facebook cover

TheSiteCanvas - Generates a Profile Cover

generate a Facebook Cover
The intro image that you see at the top of this post is created using thesitecanvas. It is my favorite because it lets you convert your simple Facebook Name into a beautiful Movie like Title Design. You can select which design would you like for your name or can you can even choose your photos to give them a unique look and pattern. Do try it out!

Facebook Profile Covers

Facebook cover designs
Facebook Profile Covers also lets you choose a Design cover for yourself out of 1000 available profile covers. It is pretty much similar to myFBcovers but it does not offer any cover Contest. You can only create and download your designs but can not make Money online with your covers. It is still worth try due to its beautiful colors and variations.  It though contains a watermark on all designs.
I hope you find these tools helpful in branding and personalizing your timeline layouts. I will be posting more on customizing Timeline profile. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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