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research your market 
Making an eBook is a great way to increase your email subscriber base, as i mentioned that in the previous post in the series: "Make an eBook".

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 1-Introduction To eBook Marketing
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2-Planing Phase
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5-Publishing Phase 
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There are couple of ways through which you can research and get to know your targeted market in a fairly fast way. If you are blogging from quite a while, then you might not be needing this part of research, as you would already be familiar with the kind of audience that you have earned over the years.

What should you research about?

Well this is pretty much practical to ask. For making a great eBook, you have to make it sure that your hard work doesn't go in vain. Your content in the eBook might be best out their, but that might just not what your readers want.

So providing the right information at time could result in a life saver. You would often get comments like:

" Thank you so much. Thats exactly what i wanted.  You're a life saver"

 Pretty encouraging right? Thats the status we want to achieve with our eBook. So by knowing the age group, level of literacy, gender, location etc we could better target our market.

How could this data influence our eBook content?

By knowing the level of literacy of your audience, you could choose the vocabulary that you would pour into your eBook. Using simple language works the best, by the way. Knowing the gender of your audience, makes you better equipped while adjusting those little jokes around.

Say you get most of you traffic from US. You could mention the country in your eBook in some regards, that would drive a personnel touch to the eBook. So thats how different set of data could help your make a better eBook, that earns a better demand in the market.

So how to collect this all useful data?

This is the actual core of today's post. Well there are couple of great tools out their. I would recommend Google Analytics. Get to know the keywords that draws you most of the traffic at your blog. This would help you know that why people search you online. Say you get most of the traffic from a keyword 'How to wash your dog'.
google analytics

Now, in the eBook that you would make on dogs, you should concentrate more over dog washing techniques and not on dog food. Thats just a rough idea.

The demographics can also be studied through Google Analytics. There are other great tools for the purpose like, Market Samurai or Keyword Elite 2.0 but they are not free. Market Samurai costs 90$, but has build up a reputation over the time.


Once you gather all of this useful information, you could start Building your first ever eBook. The information would help you set the name of your eBook and the use of keywords in the content, that i would talk about in the next post in the series.

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Take care

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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