Make an eBook: Creating Killer Title And Content Overview

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Okeh, so we have finally reached towards the heart of this series, that is to 'Make an eBook'. If you haven't checked out the 2 previous posts, you could read them out by surfing through the contents that i have created below.

Creating killer Title and Content is the back bone of any eBook. Yesterday we went through some techniques that could help us better build our content and choose the eBook title wisely.

 1-Introduction To eBook Marketing
  • Who should make an eBook? 
  • Why to make an eBook
2-Planing Phase
3-Building Phase 
 4-Developing Phase 
5-Publishing Phase 
  • Creating an online ebook form / Customization
  • Applying the form to the Blogger Blog
  • Building Download system with email subscription / Thanks page  
::Series ended by 5/11/2011::

 Choosing the Title

The title technique goes just like our normal blog post technique. Titles having figures, personnel touch, high profile keywords works the best. As an example, notice my recent post:

 6 Reasons Why Blogger Overshines WordPress

The is heading attractive to the eyes. As the post was on the hot topic, plus the 6 point figure made it more compelling to read. Recently i read an eBook by blogtyrant which also had a compelling heading, that goes like: "

Capture 120% More Email Subscribers Overnight"

So the point is that simple. Always decide the title of an eBook before hand. Before making the content. That would allow you to stick to the main theme of the eBook. People often like to read lists, as they save time and convey the entire content in a nutshell.

They would always like to have points in mind regarding any particular topic, instead of reading a whole bunch of content that would confuse them at the end.

Enjoy what you write = Killer Content

Creating killer content could be extremely easy and a fun job, but..only when our mind is a head of our typing speed. Generic content formation rules apply to eBooks too. As with eBook, you aim to provide some information, in your own style that you know about.

You cant write 100 words on something that you don't know much about. So first of all, make sure that are you knowledgeable enough, on the topic that you aim to write on. Some times, having knowledge is not enough. Enjoying what you write is another plus for creating killer content.

You might want to continue with the same topic of eBook, and publish new parts in the future. So having interest in what ever you do is the key. Plus adding colorful relevant pictures, bullet points, facts and figures, wise paragraphing results in a generation of quality content.

 Adding a personnel touch = Authority

This part of the content would determine the amount of success that your eBook would grab. Even though you might be having knowledge that you would write about, its extremely important to have some personally opinion/experience to it.

Imagine you yourself have never even touched 100k Alexa mark and plan to build an eBook something like, 10 Golden Rules To Achieve <5k Alexa rank. Even though the idea seems cool and many people would like to know the magic points, the first thing they would do is to proceed by checking your rank.


As a result, it would add no authority to the topic. Only if you knew the golden rules, you could have achieved that yourself. And authority and expert stature is what you want to achieve with your eBook. There are tons of them already floating out there online, so there's should be something unique about the content.

So that now we got an overview of how we should plan our eBook's Content, tomorrow we would see how we could bring it to practical grounds. What programs we can use to start building content, formatting techniques, aesthetics and stuff.

Question: What do you think makes up a killer content?

Hopes this series is interesting to you guys and makes you wait for the next. Remember me in your prayers.

Take Care.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Come to think of it, you should make an eBook from this series and offer it as a free download from your blog. You can get lots of traffic if your eBook is well recommended by other people. :)

  2. Thanks for those tips. They are helpful. As a reader, (well I think any reader would feel the same way) title gets the 'first impression' because it tells, almost, what the content is all about. So choosing the title is very important.

    I'd like to add a tip on writing information ebook using the modified 'snowflake method', which I find helpful: I hope readers who are thinking of making their own ebook will find this post helpful.

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  4. @homebiss

    I generally blog about Technology on my blog. But yeh it would be a good idea to do so. :)


    Very much True bud.

  5. Salam alaikum Brother Hassam and Ahmedzai, i enjoy reading this post..because i planed to try creating an e-book of my blog posts. Thanks for sharing :)