5 Basic Misconceptions Of WordPress Users About Blogger

Many WordPress users have various misconceptions regarding the Blogger platform. May it be its aesthetics or technicality. Its always wise to clear those doubts and present a better and original view, of the great Blogging platform, i,e Blogger.

Blogger Blogs Are Of Low Quality?

Many WordPress users and newbies are of the view that Blogger being a free service have less to offer and is of low quality. It again boils up to the point, i.e what quality mark we refer to? WordPress? I recently posted 6 Reasons Why Blogger Overshines WordPress.

The post, pours light over the bright sides of Blogger. Indeed every blogging platform has some pros and cons. BUT lately, Blogger has been really put down, without any factual references. The world is full of competition. Its the consumers kite that is flying high. So why not to believe the 'free Blogger' as to their marketing techniques?

quality blogIts more of an approach like our grandparents who often neglected low price products. Believing to be of low quality. I mean really? Why not go for facts. Free hosting with 100% up time. Quality product, that is free. Thats what Blogger is about.

Again the hot topic. Many bloggers are of the view that Google would and could delete their blogs anytime! They are here for business right? We all would have been sitting and posting today with WordPress if Google was that harsh. There is nothing without a reason.

Blogger Blogs Lack Professional Templates?

 Though i believe WordPress have better templates than what Blogger have (not the custom ones, they justify the word newb) for now, BUT to think as a neutral party, there are great templates out their for Blogger in vast quantities. You can Google out several websites sharing beautiful magazine style blogger templates.

Blogger Blogs Are Not SEO Friendly?

First of all, we need to decide here that what SEO are we talking about? What is our ultimate goal with blogging? To gain more traffic right? The basic things that we need for a blog's SEO are its meta tags. That would include the title tags, meta description, meta keywords and all those things.
seo techniques

Secondly, linking pages within the blog wisely, using alt tags with images, nofollowing external links. Wait here are couple of previous posts from MBT that you might want to read here for better SEO:
So any SEO technique is possible in Blogger blogs that could lead you towards low Alexa ranks, high Google page ranks, and provide you with overall blogging success. There is always a better way to approach a point. MBT is a live example of perfect SEO on Blogger blog.

Blogger Blogs Dont Drive Traffic?

C'mon. Post frequency plays the vital role in determining whether you get traffic and loyal readership or not. Its not the Blogger Platform. SEO done right (as mentioned above) with determination could lead to success.

driving traffic

Blogger Blogs Are Not Accepted By Ad Networks?

The popular ad networks today that are widely used by blogger community are, Google Adsense, Buysell Ads, chitika (PPC advertisement like Adsense), Kontera, Infolinks etc.

advertisement blogs

Text based advertisement companies accept blogs pretty easy, event the new ones get accepted on the first try. Though many bloggers feel it a challenge to get accepted by Google Adsense and Infolinks. Both require some depth in the blog. By the grace of Almighty, MBT being a blogger blog have been monetized by them.

The only thing matters to these advertisers is the traffic. You present the traffic, you get paid. You might want to read : How To Find Sponsors For Your Blog?

Hope the post have build a bridge of hope between the two sides :P WordPress users should re consider their opinions about the Blogging Platform that we all would ever love, The Blogger.


Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. I believe this post will unleash the fury of some WordPress fans. WordPress fans, please do it sensibly if you want to start an argument or two. :)

  2. In your face Wordpress fan! haha I'm just kidding...

    Yeah, although Blogger doesn't have much plugins like Wordpress, But we still can use HTML and JavaScript which is a lot more fun because we can tweak it the way we want.

    Blogger's free 'Edit HTML' might be the best reason why Blogger are better than Wordpress.

    Just giving my opinion =)

  3. soy fiel a blogger manejo 7 blogs bajo esta plataforma.

  4. Dear Blogger Lovers, the sad truth for you all is that WORDPRESS COMPLETELY OUTPOWERS BLOGGER!
    You can only compare your blogger to wordpress.com, ever tried comparing it to the self-hosted version? Then will you see the reality!
    and Hassam Ahmad Awan next time you post a comparison, post it against the self hosted wordpress!
    PS. mean no offence

  5. Please share a tutorial about adding multiple author widget for blogger.
    Like your blog
    posted by Hassam Ahmad Awan
    posted by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

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  6. @homebiss

    True bud. Thats how a constructive discussion can take place. Always talk facts.

    @Ahmad Nuzul

    Agreed pal. Blogger users should be proud of what they use for a 'reason'. Nice energy..

    @ Toro

    Cant understand what you're saying. Would appreciate the use of English :)

    @Ayush Agrawal

    Appreciate that you spoke out your heart bud. Its natural. I understand.

    Though it would be better if you could share some facts out here. Every post that i have posted on here have mentioned some solid reasons that why we believe Blogger is a worth using experience.

    Obviously its not the blame game. We all are here to learn. I would switch to WordPress today if you could convince me to leave Blogger.


    Thanks bud. Stay tuned for the tutorial :)

  7. I like how you tackle the idea in this post. I never used Wordpress before an had a little experience using blogger. I must say that some of your points are right but that's on an SEO perspective. But when you blog for fun and fulfillment, I guess the kind of platform won't matter.:)

  8. All you said was 100% blogger is beter , but look , every using blogger is not a developer , nor and seo expert , he don't know how to customize his blog with the passage of time!
    while wordpress is much easier even a person not related to blogging can make his blog cool , by using sevral plugins , and plugins work great with just few clicks your work is done , while in blogger you have code several to make it up!
    wordpress is an open plat form , and developer are making new plugins that make a wordpress site into great CMS , it will be to difficult for a blogger to make useful it for eCommerce , but in wordpress it is just done with few themes and plugins! , well sorry for my dis discussion , but it was just telling you the other side!!

  9. Hey Mohammad i subscribed for ur MONOP template and i comment under the post leaving my email address and ive been checking everyday since saturday and up to now i have not gotten it....whats going on?.....obrien.bennett@gmail.com

  10. Thanks for the clarification!it really helped!
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  11. O'Brien about the templates, just subscribe to MBT and then download the templates from MBT's Downloads page.