ProBrains - All Karachi IT Competition

probrains, All Karachi IT CompetitionI wasn't able to blog due to engagement in several activities for the past few days. On 1st Oct,  I was invited to become a member of the organizing committee for Karachi University's first time held IT Competition named  "ProBrains - The Battle Of Minds". This event was organized by Umaer Basha Institute of Information and Technology (UBIT, KU) in Karachi Pakistan. The competition included 8 interesting and exciting categories namely Speed Programming, Mobile application, Gaming Mania, Web development (My Favorite), Network security, IT Quiz, Animation and software exhibition.  Main event sponsors included TPS and Tradekey. The winning prize was up to $3500. It was surely all fun!


ProBrains Objective and Event Details

Our purpose behind this event was to bring all IT institutes on one single platform and bring them face to face with Software houses and IT Professionals. Since the event was first time hosted therefore some problems were faced in attracting sponsors. All Labs were set up with advance computers and network facility. I was curious to see the condition of systems set up for Gaming competition because it demanded high graphic cards and fast processors. Amazingly the Counter-Strike and Need For Speed  experience was no less than a 3D Adventure Tour. Speed Programming on the other hand was the most popular category of the event with over 50 Teams.

As a small representative I  succeeded in gathering 80 students from (NED UET) and they all played well. Fortunately we brought back 4 Prizes which included Mobile application and software exhibition.

If you remember the tech Talk I had in Fast university, then it is obvious that most of  the Sponsors already knew me. While walking down the stairs I was stopped by Saqib Mansoor (TPS Senior Manager of Human Resources) and he asked me "Hey boy How is blogging going on?" I smiled back and said " Awesome Sir!"  During the event I met many people and shared my future plans of promoting blogging in the country and asked them for their help and support. Their response was positive and many offered to arrange a meeting with Jehan Ara, President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA). I am sure she would be kind enough to help us with this little cause of publicizing blogging amongst young generation so that Students may start developing an entrepreneur mind right from today because the social engagement in blogosphere is an excellent way to learn about E-Marketing from an early age.

Results Summary

Mobile Application and Software Exhibition:

Networking & IT-Quiz: KU
Speed Programming and Short animation : FAST-NU
Web Designing: MAJU
Gaming UIT


This was a first time held IT event by UBIT KU and with all those limited resources that they had I was highly amazed at the response and do whole heartedly congratulate the team especially Umair Ahmed, Sabih and Mubashir for making it possible. Though the city has several  hugely funded IT competitions organized by different institutions but ProBrains has now become just a new player in the field.

Here are some glimpses of the event:

probrains labs

ubit ku

ubit ku

probrains sponsors

speed programming


project exhibition

This guy is from third year computer science and he is surely a darling! Chota volunteer

web designing

counter strike winners UIT

speed programming winners

vp probrains

programming lab

gaming lab


mohammad MBT Author

mohammad on probrains

That was all and it is one of the few reasons why I wasn't able to post frequently. I am also suffering from some health issues and I hope I will recover soon. Apologies for keeping you awaited for so long. There is a lot we have to learn. Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. Peace pals!

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  1. Congratulations Mustafa. Really glad to hear that. I may assume that this is what you wanted to tell us.Isn't it? Anyways it is undoubtedly a phenomenal achievement. Your efforts are truly going in the right direction.Still you have a long way to go.Will definitely pray for your future success. All the best for it.
    And please take good care of your health. :)

  2. Hats off to your publicity at NED University, you surely have done it in a way it has to be...
    And next year the counter strike tag must be tagged on the right team ;p
    Stay blessed.

  3. That's great to hear..
    Awesome!! :)

    Get well soon, and come up with great articles!

    M.Pinto from www.ProHacker.IN.

  4. congrats Mustafa

  5. i wll pray for you to about your health and the that's was a superb activity i like such kind of activities but not held here in Peshawar.

  6. @Maheen

    Thanks a Million. :)

    No that secret surprise is still on its way. :p

    Indeed it does!

    Thank you pal. Thankfully I am in a much better state now. :)
    We should better bring back a web development tag rather that CS. It was just for fun. :d


    I am back on work buddy. Thanks for your prayers. :)

    Tank you dear brother. Hope you doing fine? :d

    Thank you bro :)

    Thanks for your prayers faiz. Peshawar will have such activities very soon hopefully. :))

    Thank you pal. :>