google-walletTired of picking up things one by one, putting them all in your trolley , going to the cash counter and wait for your turn? Are you? If you are, then its time you should get Google Wallet! Its a mobile payment app that has been launched by Google and it turns your phone into a digital wallet. How? Lets have a look:-

It makes your life really easy! Now when you go to a supermarket, this will help you pay your bill. You just have to catch your desired stuff, scan the products' bar code with the help of the your phone's barcode reader software and you're done!

Because its now Google Wallet that's going to pay for your stuff. You don't have to pull out the cash from your wallet. No credit card, no cash! All you need is your smartphone .. and when your phone does the barcode reading, you hear a beep signifying that the transaction has been just in seconds. 
This tap-and-pay process is quite simple. These tap-and-pay payments can be made at shops where  MasterCard PayPass Network is acceptable, and its probably acceptable at 140,000 locations in US Not only this, but let me add to it that Google includes a PayPass finder inside the app. Very soon, companies like Visa, American Express and Discover will be in the line too as they have licensed their NFC technologies to Google.

"In the future, our goal is to make it possible for you to add all of your payment cards to Google Wallet, so you can say goodbye to even the biggest traditional wallets," said Osama Bedier, vice president of payments at Google.

Now lets add a bit brief discussion about NFC technologies. NFC: Near Field Communication and it allows data exchange, wireless connections between two devices. In other words, it is a short-range wireless technology that makes secure transactions possible.


Most of the people out there worry about 'Google knowing what we are buying' .That's absolutely not the case. If you go back to the history, you just get the date and the amount of transaction. So yeah, relax! Google wont poke in, for now at least!  :P


What if you've lost your phone or its stolen? Well, in this case you are given a 4-digit pin code while you set up an account on Google Wallet, so your account's completely safe as if a wrong pin code has been entered five times, the Wallet will be wiped clean.


Guest Post by Amna Masood khawaja. Regular MBT contributor

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  1. Its about time the World caught up with the 'fever' of mobile banking. Cell 'wallet' apps has been in existence in Africn countries, the pioneer being Kenya, with their famous 'mpesa' app. It's indeed a pleasure to see the technology being replicated globally. For sure, the mobile phone is the future in accessing data. @Mohmd, did you manage to find a tweak for blogger's homepage via our agreement in this post "Make Colorful Tables in BlogSpot?"

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  3. Wow ... I've never thought about security and privacy in this way when I'm accompanied by Google ...

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