How To Revert Back To Old Blogger Profile From Google+ Profile?

blogger profile to google+ profile

Yesterday, at MBT you guys learned how to switch your blogger profile to Google+ profile, overwriting your present Blogger profiles. Google is interlinking all its services in a unique manner. Previously Blogger profile was a totally different thing from your Google profile.

Now that you have your Google+ profile, it would be easier to manage things around. The profile would act as one single page (Google+ profile page) that would portray you and your circles.

As in the previous post, it was mentioned that you could revert back to the old Blogger profile in case you don't like the change. People normally resist change. But i believe its a good one and should be tested. You would always have the chance to revert back, that we are going to discuss today.

Note that the revert link that ill provide in a second, would only work if you have switched over to Google+ profile from Blogger profile, (obviously). How could you revert something that you haven't done :)

So yeah, go to revert-profile link and follow the instructions there on.

After the revert process has been done, a notification would appear on your Blogger Dashboard.

blogger profile to google+ profile
 So that's it. Wasn't that easy? Tell us whether you would like to revert to the old Blogger profile or the new Google+ servers you better.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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  1. Many thanks for showing this easy way, god knows how hard I tryed to return to original blogger profile.

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  4. Thanks a lot. I tried forever to get this done using Google+ help instructions. Useless, of course. Your one link got it done lickety split.

  5. Oh my goodness...I didn't think this was ever possible because when you switch to a Google+ profile I think a notification comes up that the change is permanent. Thank you so much because I think Google Plus makes it more difficult for others to follow your blog via comments you make on other blogs. Thank you thank you !