6 Qualities Of a Professional Blogger

topicHope you all are doing well and ready to check our new post. I have talked about the success secrets of Steve Jobs and social networking websites but nothing particular for our respected readers. So, I have decided to sort out some points which can be applicable to any quality maintained blog. Applying these few quality elements to your habits will surely let you stand out as an author and then blogger. We will start with simple points and then will move on to comparatively challenging tricks.


1. No duplication of content:

content originalityThe very first and the basic point to remember is originality of the content. Here, I would like to share my experience about my recent post. When I mailed it to Mohammad, he simply asked to rewrite my first paragraph. I was surprised because it was a definition and I thought that we can take definitions from any other blog or website. But, he explained me that this harms the blog and is not allowed. So, you see… how careful you need to be for your content.

2. No for granted terms:

Do not take any of the terms for granted, especially those appearing in your topic. If I am a layman, and I have accidentally come across your blog, don’t let me feel that your blog is not for me. No one likes to feel himself/herself as ignorant. For example, if you are writing a post about “Android Applications”, explain ‘what is android’ first, and then continue with your idea. It is a good practice to explain clearly, what you are going to talk about.

3. Lighten the stress:

no-stressTry making your readers feel as comfortable as possible. This point is especially for techies. If you are publishing any of your new code or tip etc, try to present it as if it’s nothing difficult. Use simple and plain language for its description, so the reader does not feel exhausted and do not lose the interest.
Secondly, use images that go with your color scheme and can give a lightening effect to your post. I like the image selection of MBT very much. The images are always light colored with most of the time white background.


4. Intelligent use of shapes and colors:

colors etcLook around yourself; you will see colors and shapes everywhere. Either, directly or indirectly, they convey us some messages and amazingly, we understand them. Or our subconscious have associated some meanings with them. This is the reason why favorite colors are asked in personality tests.
For example, think of green...What it brings into your mind??? Nature… trees...grass? A refreshing effect? Okay...Now think of blue… what comes into your mind? It will definitely be water, sea or sky. A serene effect indeed. A concept of vastness…beyond any limitation? And you can do the same with other colors… red, yellow, white etc, to feel their effects.
So hopefully, you are getting my point that you can use colors to reinforce your blog theme. Same is the case with shapes and symbols. Geometric shapes like circle, square, triangle represents organization, structure and of course they make one feel formal. Other shapes which are natural, with more curves and are uneven. They give some pleasant effect and add interest.

5. Embed Entertainment:

How would you feel if you enter a website and it asks you to set background music of your choice? When you read some posts there and it offers you to download some free wallpapers, widgets, plug-ins or even templates? Or it gives you a bonus trick /tip because you have earned some points? Won’t you find it different from the one that just publish posts? Of course, you will .So, be honest … do you really think that this blog can’t be yours?

6. Spread your word:

Spread-the-wordDon’t restrict yourself to your own website only. Join social networking websites for promotion of your blog. Also, practice guest posting on other websites. So, if anyone likes your posts he/she could follow you on your blog.

Guest post by Aiman Khan. MBT"s regular contributor

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