4 Reasons Why I Would Recommend Moving To nRelate From LinkWithin Plugin

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 Internal linking is extremely important for the sake of better SEO and for easy navigation. Many people use LinkWithin for this purpose. If you're wondering, what LinkWithin does, its basically a plugin which publishers can use on their blogs/websites which shows related posts for every individual posts that we have. Earlier i mentioned simple steps by which we can add this plugin to our blogs.

But guys the point is a bit different this time. LinkWithin is more famous than nRelate but here is the deal. nRelate does exactly what LinkWithin is capable of, but.. it offers a lot more in fact. Yesterday i got an email from nRelate asking to give a try to their plugin. I had no plan to place it above the popular plugin, LinkWithin. But believe me, after going through the details i found it better.

nRelate (Related post widget) is available for WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler at present.

Why nRelate is better than LinkWithin?

1. You can customize your nRelate related post widget to set the color scheme of your blog.

2. nRelate allows to choose between the Thumbnail related post, or simply the links of the articles that match the current post.

3. You can join nRelate ads program (that is free to join).

4. You need to register in order to get the controls for customizing the plugin. Or you can simply apply the widget directly to your blog, but in that case you wont be able to customize the app.

I have also heard that LinkWithin redirects first to their website and then takes back, taking the hard earned page rank juice to their site. Thats not fair! Any ways guys, nRelate has much to offer and i would definitely recommend it over LinkWithin plugin.

Have a look at eRelate and decide it for your self. Comment below about your experience with the new related post widget from nRelate. We would love to hear.


Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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