Always Drive Traffic, Never Buy Traffic

drive-trafficToday i will explain you in detail with my personal experiences on Driving traffic on blog/website. First of all, a short tip to drive traffic on your blog/website for FREE. If you want free traffic, than simply establish a good looking blog, write lengthy and quality articles almost daily. If you continue doing this, you will surely have thousands of visitors in a short span of time.
Ok, now the main thing which i want to share with you is the meaning of ALWAYS DRIVE TRAFFIC, NEVER BUY TRAFFIC. There is a big difference between Good Traffic and Good Quality Traffic. Always remember that good traffic is not enough, you should have Quality traffic.
If you want thousands of visitors on your blog/website daily and you can spend money, than advertising is the best opportunity. But the question is WHERE TO SPEND THE MONEY? Obviously your money is very precious and you do not want to loose even a single dime of it. So choosing the right Advertising Network is very important. You may have seen many websites offering Thousands of Guaranteed Visitors for just few dollars. But you know, that traffic is only good traffic, not Quality traffic. It will not help you in getting a good page rank nor will it help you in making money. I have experienced such Ads Network LINKBUCKS. They provide 10,000 visitors for just 10 dollars ! but believe me, that traffic was NOTHING for me. It was simply a waste of time and money. Because in that case, your ad is shown forcefully to the user. Just think by yourself, when you click to download something and a window opens saying that you have to wait for 10 seconds to resume the download, Have you ever seen the advertisement that is shown to you in those 10 seconds ? NO. You just wait for those 10 seconds and as the time is over, you simply leave the ad and go to your Download file Page. Same will happen to you if you advertise on these networks. Your page will be loaded in front of others forcefully and they will just ignore it. SO please never try these Ads Networks. They will give you NOTHING. This is BUYING Traffic.
If you really want to advertise your website/blog, than you must choose any one of the following :
  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. Chitika
  4. Adbrite
  5. Clicksor

I personally tried Adwords but believe me i was not satisfied due to my low budget. If you have low budget for Advertising, than i will strongly recommend you to use Facebook Ads. They will help you a lot. But if you have a strong Budget, than you can go through any of the above.

How to create effective Facebook Ad?

facebook-ads1Just log in to Facebook, Go to Ads tab ( mostly in your Sidebar ) , Create a Campaign and finally create an ad. Give a strong Description and an attractive Picture . Also remember that give Description relevant to your blog's Content. Do not fool people by SAYING SOMETHING AND GIVING SOMETHING. It will surely not help you. Now time for placing Bids ( How much you want to pay for your Ad ). There are two methods CPC  ( Cost Per Click ) and PPC ( Pay Per Click ). I personally tried these both and i will recommend you to use CPC ( Cost Per Click ). Because in Paying Per Thousand Impression, there is no guarantee that you will got the clicks on your Ad. In my case it happens, i got 4000 impressions and got just 4 clicks but i have to pay 4 dollars for impressions. Just imagine, 4 dollars for for clicks ( visitors ) . How costly it is :P. So i recommend CPC because there is a guarantee that if you are paying you will get the click ( visitors ). I personally tried and believe me i got more than 1,700 Likes on my fan page for just 30 dollars. In case of website/blog, 1,700 quality visitors for just 30 dollars.
You can adjust your price of the ad. If you have a good budget, than you can pay through the suggested Bid which Facebook gives you. If you will place the suggested bid, than your ad will be shown fastly on the entire Facebook network. But if you choose your price and a low price, just like me, i placed price for my ad 0.02 dollars, in this case due to low price your ad will appear slowly on the entire network but, it will bring quality traffic. This totally depends on WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET.
So i think now you got the meaning of ALWAYS DRIVE TRAFFIC,NEVER BUY TRAFFIC. You buy traffic through the networks like Linkbucks and you Drive traffic through facebook like networks. Driving traffic will surely give you a better page rank and many other gifts. In case of facebook ads, your ad is just shown to the user and now it is his will that whether he wants to click or not. This is DRIVING TRAFFIC
Hope you enjoyed this little guide. :)

Guest post by Haider Afridi. Running a Fan Club on Celebrity Salman khan at skfanclub

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