What is Google Plus Project? Is it a Threat To Facebook?

Google+ ProjectGoogle+ (Google Plus) is the recent development from Google now days. We all know the success of Facebook 'Like' feature that instantly allows the user to like something with the help of just single click. Google's previous moves to introduce new Social networking platforms to the net were relative failures like Orkut, Google Buzz.
Now we see Google using there another card with the announcement of "Google+ project". Many see it as a move to contain Facebook's increasing social networking dominance. The ultra famous Facebook like button is now taken with Google plus +1 button that instantly allows any web surfer to +1, i.e recommend the content to their friends instantly. 


Google has huge advantage over Facebook as Google is a much bigger setup and their interlinking services are them self a +1 factor for them. Also on the other hand we all know the privacy issues of Facebook. People have started to sue them over the lack of privacy provided to the users.
Consider this comment left in response to Zuckerberg's statement. 

"As a person who is being stalked for being an innocent bystander in a child custody case, I can tell you that losing my choices over what is searchable or not is huge. I have nothing to hide nor be ashamed of but the loss of choice for my privacy has hit home in a poignant manner."


Google Plus one 'Circles'-Privacy Made Easy


Google, making an intelligent move, introduced 'Circles' as a part of their Plus one project. The users can easily create their own circles with the help of drag and drop features.
If you don't want to share every aspect of your life with every body in your friend list, then you can make use of 'circles'. The tool lets the news rolling within a specific circle of your life without any other friend list member getting hold of it.
This feature would give a hard time to Facebook as it can fill in the gap of the privacy problems that people are facing.


google plus circles


The Google+ Project: Circles



Google+ huddles

Texting is great, but not when you’re trying to get six different people to decide on a movie. Huddle turns all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page all at once.
Guess what? I am leaving Facebook once Google Plus is out for every body =)

The Google+ Project: Huddle


Instant Uploads

Google+ Instant Uploads

As always Google is quite generous in providing storage space to the users. Now they have 'Instant Upload' feature too where we can instantly upload our pictures and video with a help of simple click. The Google plus applications for android and for iPhone in future, would make it extremely easy to get pictures and uploading them directly to your profiles.

The Google+ Project: Instant Upload


Google+ Sparks

Google plus sparks is another amazing feature. Now there is no need to visit Google news or searching directly into Google for what you like. Google Sparks has now made it so simple to keep looking your favorite content with a single click.
Also, it allows you to share your sparks online. Sparks is definitely one of the key features of Google plus.

The Google+ Project: Sparks


Hangouts feature is more like the video chatting thing where you can start a hangout with your particular circle. Its more like a video conference. This is thought to be the biggest threat to Facebook after Circles and Facebook didn't stayed back.
We all know Facebook and its friendly relationships with Microsoft and both the companies and jointly made a partnership over Skype and now Facebook would feature video calling too.

The Google+ Project: Hangouts


Can Google+ Dominate Facebook's Traffic and Audience?

With all these features, Google is trying to make this one of their best social networking moves ever and looks like they would be pretty successful too. Some expect that the biggest migration in history from Facebook to Google+ is yet to occur and everyone will be alive to witness it.
Comment below about this race that has started between Google and Facebook. I personally believe that Google plus one would give a hard time to Facebook setup until Facebook reconsiders their privacy issues.

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