Comic Panda : YouTube's New Layout Look in 2011!

Cosmic PandaProbably most of you have seen the "Try something new!" Link at the bottom of YouTube's homepage. This link will take you to the Cosmic Panda page which is the name given by YouTube developers to the test version of YouTube layout which offers a complete new experience for videos, playlist and channels specifically.

Google always works in test mode and asks for its users sincere feedback before bringing things in action.

TestTube is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes before serving them to their users. If you visit the TestTube webpage you will notice that there are a lot of areas you have not yet discovered. For Example you can try out YouTube's HTML5 Player, create a 3D Video, YouTube Video Editor, Search videos by comments and a lot more.

Over the past few years we have seen YouTube evolving as one of the Biggest Video sharing website. Back in the year 2005, its look and design were not very satisfying as the layout interface provided few options for users like sharing, uploading, flagging comments but now you see colorful channels, playlists, HD resolution, annotations, video tagging and most importantly AdSense on YouTube.

The funny part is that Google has reserved some Cosmic Panda Features for Chrome alone. After all it's the best way to advertise it. :p Therefore for real fun better take the ride using Google Chrome.

What are the new Layout Features of YouTube?

Amazingly a lot of design stuff is added to Cosmic Panda. From Video display till playlist and channel display, there is a lot to explore and discover. I will be focusing on some main areas.

1) Wide Black Video Player. Same options but a lot different experience in full resolution.

new video player

2) Well Organized channel view. The channel views can be changed in variety of ways better check them out yourself.

Channel view



3) Easy Navigation for Playlist. You can switch between next and previous windows while in the same window and can also select a new window from the thumbnails that appear below.

New Playlist layout

4) Video Size Optionvideo size options

You can switch to three different sizes with disturbing the video buffering in Mozilla and IE but in Chrome they offer another full size option too.

video size options 

5) Big Thumbnails For Video Suggestions. Now your videos can get better attention and adding good display thumbnails can further increase your YouTube views.

Video Thumbnails

6) Suggested Videos Tab for a long list of related videos.

suggested videos


7) Comment Avatars For registered YouTube users. Better add a profile pic now!

Youtube comments Avatars

What Features did You Observe?

As far as I observed these were the new changes made so far. If you think I have missed sharing an important new layout change then feel free to share with all of us. To test all new YouTube adventures then visit TestTube Now!

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  4. They took out the embed code to add your channel to your blog. How do I do this from the new look?