How To Join Google Plus & Send Invites In Europe?

Google -EuropeSome of our readers from UK, Sweden, Finland and other Scandinavian countries are facing trouble joining Google+ or sending Google+ Invites. Most of them are getting the message that Google has exceeded there capacity for new invites and kindly come back soon. Since the +1 Project is still in its beta or testing development mode therefore Google Developers are very careful with regard to security loop holes. Hackers from different corners of the world are trying best to crack through the new social networking software and this is what Google fears the most and as far as we know the reason for strict restrictions on new invitations is only to avoid security attacks. But when there is a will there is a way. We have a solution for most of you which is actively working as proven from our earlier post on "How To Join Google+?"

5 ways To Join Google+ In European Countries

PS: Please make sure that this method can work for any country and not specifically London or Europe.

By far the most effective method of joining Google Plus is to ask for an invitation request from trusted Google users. By trusted Google users I mean either well established Bloggers, AdSense Publishers, Advertisers or even Google employees! All these users are the big revenue source for Google Inc. and they are always lucky in being served first and well.  So the simple Five ways are,

  1. Request Invitation from established Bloggers. I am still a struggling blogger but luckily Google has been really kind on me. To save your time you can submit your Email ID in the comments below and we would send you a free invite but first you will need to subscribe by submitting your Email ID below,

By Far we have successfully invited around dozens of new friends to Google and we would love to invite you too. Kindly Subscribe and submit your Email ID in the comment box below. Your account will take a maximum of 48 hours to get activated so be patient.

     2. and 3.   Search for Top AdSense Publishers and Advertisers 2011 and you will find dozens of names online. Visit there websites and contact them to do a kind favor of inviting you online. I know it sounds impractical because those who earn in millions wont bother a lot about your request but after all this way has worked for my network friends after all. Why not try for or shoemoney


     4.  And another way round is to contact Google webmaster employee matt cutts for a invitation. He is a Google webmaster Software engineer and blogs at MattCutts

     5.   If after apllying any of the methods above you still could not join Google+ then you need more invite proposals from different sources. Ask more and more people to invite you and this will let Google to take you as a high referred user and thus your account will have more chances of being accepted. Many of our readers have been accepted already. So you can contact them on this post if any or the post on "Google+ Free Invitations!"


Best way to send Google+ Invites

If you are amongst those very few fortunate people whose accounts have been activated then you can invite friends to join Google+ by using these methods:


Invite Friends using the "Find and Invite" Options offered by Google+. To know how to do it kindly read the post below:


There is another interesting trick that I usually do and that is pinging invites through status updates. After you added the friend to a circle by inviting him using the method I shared in Step#1 , you then need to mention your friends name in the Stream Share what's new  Box. This is how it is done.

Go To your Profile Homepage and then mention your friends name by either using the + symbol or @ symbol. As shown below,

Pinging Google+



and then simply hit the green Share Button and then also check the box that says "Also Email x people not using Google+" As shown below,

Pinging Google+

That's it! Within next 48 hours your friends will receive invitation after which they can jump into your Circle to share the adventure. Have Fun! :>

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