Make Your Google Plus Profile Picture Full size

GOOGLE-PLUS-PROFILE-PHOTO-SI did a detailed analysis of what image dimensions are supported by Google+ for Profile Pic and scrapbook thumbnail images. Unfortunately the maximum image size supported by Google Plus is comparatively much smaller to Facebook which is 540px by 180px. The maximum profile image resolution in Google+ is 202px by 192px. This is my mere approximation and I can be wrong by 1 pixel more or less but as far as I could calculate the image dimensions using Photoshop, this was what I observed. So If you wish to use a clear cut image of yourself or your brand or product then make sure that you keep these image details in mind.


Following image formats are supported:

  1. PNG
  2. GIF
  3. JPEG

Following are some Image Size Details:

  1. Profile Picture: Maximum Width = 202px    &  Maximum Height = 192px
  2. Scrapbook Photo size: Maximum Width = 126px & Maximum Height = 126px

What are Scrapbook Photos?

Just like your profile photo which appears to the left of your profile, your scrapbook photos are small thumbnail images that appear as featured images on the top of your profile just below your name. See the following picture to get an idea


You will be interested to know how I created that photo stream just like Facebook Photo Stream. I will share a detailed post on my next tutorial so make sure you subscribe and do not miss any trick on Google Plus. Have Fun! :)

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  1. Tnx for the info, but when I was setting my G+ profile picture, I succesfully use the resolution 202x202...

  2. I am banging my head against the wall with this public profile picture size issue. My picture I am trying to upload IS 202 x 173 px and it still won't fit into the window properly (ie. the image gets cut off). Any suggestions?

    Is it possible that the image size restrictions are different for creating a public page for a business or organiztion?

    1. Size the picture width 192 and height 202. Worked for me (after I got very frustrated!). You need to resize the mask that overlays the uploaded image. Good luck

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  4. Thanks for posting this article.......

  5. Do you know way in some browser author picture is showing and for some, not?