How To Use Google Plus On iPhone and Android?

google+ for androidGoogle+ Project has become viral by supporting latest mobile technologies. You can easily use Google plus with all its features like uploading photos, videos, sharing streams, creating circles and hangouts with latest mobile phones such as Google Android, Apple iOS, blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Phone 7. Google Plus's instant photo upload lets you take pictures on your smart phone and instantly/automatically upload them on your Google plus profile and thereby share it with all your friends in the circle. All you need is to download Google+ applications for your smart Android and iphone mobile.



By far the following major mobile devices are supported

  • Android™
  • iPhone®
  • Blackberry®*
  • Nokia™/Symbian*
  • Windows® Mobile*

Google+ Applications for Android and iPhone

Download the following app for Android 2.1 and up

Download the following app for iPhone iOS 4+

Receive Google Plus Notifications Via Mobile SMS

So far if you have a SMS enabled device, you can subscribe to SMS notifications or use SMS for posting to Huddle. To do this just go to the SMS account settings page to enable SMS.

Note: Standard SMS rates apply..

Watch this video for better illustration:

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