Add Cool Image Effects To Google+ Profile Photos In Picnik


Picnik is a great image editing online tool that helps you to add amazing effects to your pictures on Google Plus. You can edit your profile photos by adjusting color and contrast, fix red-eye or even add stickers and text.  At present picnik can be used to edit profile photo only and with time I am sure Google will allow its use for editing other photos in your albums. You have complete control on the appearance of your profile pictures now with this useful tool. You can crop and auto fix it to give it a clear look and if you are too patriot then you can even add your Country Flag to your profile pic by choosing the Create Option in picnik as discussed below.


How To Edit Profile Photos in Google Plus?

  1. In your Profile page click the Edit Profile button and then click the link "Change Photo" below your profile picture
  2. Upload your profile photo and click the link Edit Photo in Picnik


    3.   It will take 1-2 minutes for picnik to load and then you will see an amazing image editing tool in front of you with multiple editing options.


You can rotate, crop, resize, add exposure and colors and fix red eye on your photos. You can try this out and play around yourself. I will recommend that you use Google Chrome for fast editing. If you observe carefully Picnik provides two options i.e. 1) Edit and 2) Create

The first option will allow you to add effects I already discussed and the second option i.e Create will allow you to add stickers and and text to your profile pictures. Amazing isn't it? I will share a detailed post on how can you add your website title or your name to your profile pic. Stay tuned. Have fun! :)

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