How To Mention a Friend name in Google Plus?

Google Plus LogoIf you want mention the name of a friend or anyone in your circle on your Google+ status then you can do that in exact similar manner as you do in Facebook but with one new option. If you wish to mention someone in Twitter or Facebook you use the @ symbol but in Google Plus you have the option to trigger a user name by using the + symbol also. This will ping the name of your friend and the name will appear just next to the link "Add more people" in the "share what's new" box.


mention names in google plus

How to Mention Multiple People Names on Google Plus?

To Mention multiple names simply keep on adding there names in the post box as you normally do on other social networks either with the @ symbol or + Symbol. If your friends are registered members then there names will appear hyperlinked as shown below,

Multiple mention

And if they are not registered members then there names will appear without hyperlinks i.e simple text as shown below,

mentioning names in google+


Hope this new method of mentioning your closest ones may seem helpful for most of you. Have fun Googling the new way! :d

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