Blogger Draft's Updated Interface Now Available for All Users

blogger-redesignedBlogger Engineers are trying every possible mean to make the test version of blogger i.e. Blogger in Draft more flexible by introducing new features every other month and by redesigning the Dashboard and other areas. The initial design change was limited to few users but now anyone using the Draft version can explorer the new Design and try playing around. I am sharing below some screenshots to give you an idea of what is so exciting about this look. 

Note: Please keep in mind that all new features are introduced in Blogger in draft ( only and brought to the final, full version i.e. only when great feedback is received from users side.

Cool Dashboard With PageViews & Shortcut Links

You can view all your blog status from the dashboard with more summarized options.

Edit HTML Option Restored!

Most of you complained that the new design does not have a Edit HTML Option  and we even shared the trick of finding this option the other way round but luckily now blogger has introduced the link again but with a different name. It is now called "Edit Template" You can access it by click Home > Templates  and then drag to the bottom of the page and you will see three links i.e. Backup/Restore Template, Edit Template, Revert to Classic Templates
Edit  Template
Click the Edit Template Link and you can then see HTML Editor appearing which can be used to style and customize your template.
Customize Template

Some Areas Still In Progress

All options are working just perfect except the monetize option which provides a precise report of your Blog's Adsense Earnings. This option according to blogger will soon be updated for the time being you can use the old view format.
coming soon

There is a lot that you can explore for yourself. Just log into and take the fun ride.

What are your views on this?

I personally still use the full and polished version instead of the draft version. I am much comfortable with the old look and don't want it to change. What are your views on these latest design developments. Are you now more relaxed with the new options? Has it succeeded in saving your time?
If you wish to see a video for the features introduced in 2011 and how successful Blogger is today then watch this:

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  1. hi MOHD i know you are online comeon google chat

  2. it is not good interface.

    old interface was good.

    how can i use old interface?

  3. Yes its right, old interface was awesome........ Is there anyway on how to get rid of this and switch back to old one......

  4. I like the new interface better, it has a cleaner look to it and the positioning of the commands seem more logically laid out and easier to find what you are looking for.

    I still think that the blog editor needs a lot more work, it is one of the weak links. I still draft my posts in gDocs and then copy and paste them into Blogger. I would love to see a live or WYSIWYG view of the blog post as I am typing "ala" Microsoft's Live Writer with simple dragging of the corners of the images to resize. But I am sure they will come eventually.

    I still keep plugging along using Blogger as my primary blog host. It usually just works for me.

    Thank you for your blog, you have provided many great ideas to improve the useability of my blog.


  5. @Abdulsalam

    I am afraid brother with blog burden on my head, I hardly can spare time for chats. However I would love to help you out. You can always drop an email and it would be a pleasure to help you buddy. I hope you will understand.

    @Dweapons @Shadab
    If you are talking about the draft Blogger's old look then unfortunately it is not possible. However you can try instead of
    Did you guys tried it?

    I would agree on the Template editing portion. since customization is the most beloved hobby of all bloggers therefore a more user friendly interface for both Blogger Editor and HTML Editor is necessary. I however never felt the need of any improvements because I am really happy with Windows Live writer 2011. What else can we ask for? Microsoft is serving us well in this case. :d

    Its my pleasure to serve you friend. Thanks for honoring us with your comments, feedback and motivation.

  6. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

    Unfortunately, I no longer use a Windows based machine and love my Mac, so I have had to patch together something that works that isn't WLW. :-)