Google Changed Search Results Format and Design


June 2011 saw a rapid change in Google's development performance. We heard of Google +1 Button, then the +1 Project, the +1 Metrics, then Social Plugins tracking in Analytics and now just few days have past that the entire search format and appearance have been changed. Now the Webpage titles are immediately followed by Webpage URL and then Description in the last. Previously the webpage titles were followed immediately by description but now URL has taken a jump up. This signals towards the priority of Webpage URL over Page Description.

How can this change effect your Organic Traffic?

To be honest no one can give a confident answer except logical views. Every single move taken by Google has always put a drastic impact on web traffic and with the latest introduction of +1 recommendation plugin this shift in URL position can have a significant meaning.

What are the Design Changes?

Now you see a black navigation bar appearing at the top with all available search options. After the query is being submitted by the user, a left pane appears where you are given several search tools. An interesting new feature is that now you can view what information is been fed in Google every single second by clicking the latest Link under Any time option. You can also select a custom time range to search for specific data over a selected time period. All these new developments made Google to stand out once again.

Google navigation bar


Google Left pane

and not just that! Looks like even Google designers are bored with the old search button and therefore they changed it into a attractive light blue one,

new google search button

What do you have to share?

Keeping the design thing aside, what do you think the sudden change in the position of Page URL and Page Description can cause to search engine ranking criteria. Can it effect your +1'd recommendations?

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