A Must Follow 3 Meal Diet Plan for Bloggers

Blogger-Diet-Plan-1Every blogger needs to have a proper diet plan. Do you have any? Well if not, here is one for you. Follow this diet plan and you will  be all set in the blogging world. A magic meal you can say.
The Diet plan consists of a heavy breakfast, medium lunch and a light dinner. It is said that on following this ultimate diet plan, a blogger can overtake any other web owner. Lets see if this works out for you or not.

1. Breakfast Plan

The blogger wakes up early in morning and prepares two heavy duty articles plate with some crispy pictures to it. The plates need to be of around 300 words. As a drink he can read two post of his liking from any famous blogging restaurant.
If he feels he cant manage to have all in the breakfast, he can save some for lunch in refrigerator. But Note- this only goes for the drinks. Yes just for drinks. Don't even dare to leave your plates for lunch- mama says.
Following such a heavy breakfast for 5 months is necessary. Company wont take any blames if the diet plan is not followed. The blogger, will observe himself gaining weight. And yes that is good for the young weightless bloggers.

2. Lunch Time

Finnish up your left over meals from breakfast within no time. Cos Lunch ain't gonna come easy to you dear. Fried comments will be waiting for you on the table. The blogger needs to eat all of those comments as humbly as possible.
Without any burbs!

3. Dinners is ready

The company has kept blogger's night comfort in mind and thus haven't overloaded him with anything oily. A single small plate of an article with few older links catchup on it. This has proved to be pretty healthy for other bloggers who have been following this companies diet plan.
Note if the blogger feels he have enough older links catchup for breakfast too, it is recommended for him.
He needs to realize how important it is for him to have a proper meal on daily basis.

From the Company:


We wont be held responsible in case of any mishap to the bloggers in case he doesn't follow the diet plan.We have a reputation in making people healthier in blogging world and we want you to be the part of it.


I hope you guys will like the new diet plan =). The article aimed to give a general routine that a blogger should follow. It is only good health that will let you Post articles regularly so that you could increase your blog search engine ranking.

If you wish to also learn some time management tips for your blogging career then I am sure you will like reading these tips too,

Wish you good luck in following this never ending task of self improvement. Peace Out !

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
Maria Robinson

  Hassam Ahmad Awan

About the Guest Author:

Hassam is a young A Level Student who loves to learn and share tech related stuff. He has an ambition to become a Software Engineer. He is a passionate blog author and publishes regular tutorials to newbie bloggers at BLoggingeHow.

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