Surprise! MBT Developed Its First Facebook HTML IFrame WebPage

Facebook Iframe TabAfter hours of trial and error and coding and coding and just coding, Alhamdulillah I succeeded in crafting and developing MBT's first Fans Welcome Page on Facebook. This was indeed one of the most enjoying designing thing I came across so far. Designing blogger templates, widgets, icons, buttons is more like a hobby now but taking a step further and branding a service and product on Facebook was a complete new experience. The Facebook application used in building this Welcome Page is called Static HTML IFrame Tabs.  My coming tutorials on this are close to never shared before on any blog, forum or even the Facebook developers page and most often this is done at premium levels but you will be really excited to implement it to your blogs once we publish the series Guide for free. Together will we make the blogging platform even more appealing and worth exploring. Your motivation has helped me a lot in taking this step and I will need your valuable support always. I am really excited to share this unique "Facebook Welcome Page"  of MBT. So let's have a look of it:

PS: Please view it using any browser but not IE. The Page is Compatible with Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and even slightly with IE8+


MBT Fans Welcome Page


It's 4.29 AM of night, 14th June 2011 and I am really tired to share the tutorial at this moment. I will publish series of posts on this topic with free and unique Code designs and will make sure that the coding is made as easy in implementation as possible. I would be more happy viewing your Welcome Pages with different colors and tastes. Peace and blessings. :)

Need your Feedback on this!

I will highly appreciate your precious feedback on this latest finding. Your comments mean a lot. If you have any idea you can share before we publish the tutorials then please share it openly with all of us. I would love to hear how you like it.

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  1. Hey Mo,

    I must say it looks very good.
    But forgive me for asking this, but what are the benefits of doing something like this?


  2. Hello Mohammad,
    there no need to say anything because your welcome page says it all. it really good and awesome. can you help me on this because i need for my site to.

  3. and ya mohammad i have post your article on my site and i want your permission for that because i find it so useful for every blogger. dont worry bro all right reserve to you only. because from last 2 years i am following you and i have developed a very well site just only with the help of you so i would like to share it with others.

  4. I will keep it simple and sweet, "WOW!".

  5. Good work bro, its needs a lot of hardwork, coding and testing, you have done a really wonderful job... it looks nice...

  6. Nice effort Mustafa. It seems awesome! Your hard work is so visible in the page you developed. However, i would really ask you to change the colour theme. Change blue & white please.
    Amna M. Khawaja

  7. @CB
    Thanks bro. The advantage? Its the best way to Keep your brand stand out amongst your competitors. More Likes, more Subscribers and more page impressions. Facebook is always kept first in the priority list of market strategy. :)

    I thank you brother for being a valuable readers and friend. And It would be no less than an honour if you spread the word and share it with your readers.
    Jeet I will soon start writing a series guide on how to design your own welcome page so keep in touch. :)

    That means a lot pal. Thank you! :D

    Thanks hari!:>

    Thank you buddy and thanks always for that lovely feedback! :D

    Oh honor mam. Thanks for you comment.
    No I wont change them because they are my favourite colors! =p

  8. I dont know how many images would be there in your tutorial but watermark the images to avoid the copycat thing

  9. Hey Mohammad,
    Firstly I suggest you to move the 'MBT fan page' upper, on the top of other pages because for instance, I didn't see where the page has been created and took me a few moments to get what are you want to share us.
    Secondly I am connected from wireless on my laptop and the page is loading a bit slow for me. It's ok.. may is my problem but I'm sure you would appreciate my opinion.

    Oh yea, wat'an amazing page! Great work ^^

  10. Awesome Zai! You did a marvelous job. Why don't you develop templates on html for everyone?


  11. @Neeraj
    I will be careful of that brother but these series can not be violated like other tutorials because all images will have the MBT design logo.
    Thanks for reminding that :>

    Unfortunately that is what no one can do. Facebool Wall link and other tabs are auto created and there is no option to move them. However whenever you click my Fan Page link you will automatcially be redirected to the "Welcome Page" How come you had to search for it? :)
    Btw did you received my email reply to your adsense query?

    Thank you buddy. Half credit goes to you for giving the idea pal. :)
    I will surely start design the Facebook HTML Templates from now own. That is indeed a great thought! Thanks for it.

  12. Thank you Mohammad thats so nice of you.

  13. @Mohammad yap. Thanks alot, i got the idea xD

  14. @MaryBtw the link directed me to the Wall and not to the fan page.

  15. I want one I want one I want one :P

    Will wait for that tutorial, but for now I clicked "Like" ;)

  16. Dude it's wonderful but it's against TOS of adsense if you are displaying ads...