Lost AdSense Account? How To Get it Back?

Banned-AdsenseAdSense Ad service is the most generous service when it comes to Web Marketing. Nearly every new blogger or web owner can apply for an AdSense Account without any hard registration conditions like page impressions, traffic etc. Anyone can apply for AdSense with a decent content and blog design. Unfortunately many newbies misuse this great earning opportunity by violating AdSense Terms and conditions in negligence. As a result they end their blogging careers with Permanent Adsense Account Ban due to invalid activity. Fraud clicks are often the main cause and these clicks are made when people under-estimate Adsense's tracking algorithm. AdSense Team is very strict with regard to their terms and conditions. Google has spent millions of dollars in gathering world's best computer engineers to make their AD service reliable and beneficial to Google clients. Just this year in 2011 Google earned $2.34 Billion dollars from AdSense alone which is 28% of their total Annual revenue i.e. 9.36 Billion Dollars. With so much earning and half the funding to make it even more secure can someone still think he can fool Adsense's algorithm and make money with fraud clicks? In short close to impossible.

Why was your AdSense Account Banned?

The answers could be several. May be you were new to blogging and web marketing, you enjoyed seeing the $digits in your account and  you thought "hey, I made a click myself and look these fools are still paying me!" and then your amount reached a maximum of $10 or even $99 if you were too smart but in the end you receiveD this letter from Adsense:
After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.
Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and
If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting
The Google AdSense Team"
Sometimes it is not your fault. Your competitors attack your site with auto clicks using a software out of jealousy without you knowing. For example look what happened to this woman and also read the nice answer given in the thread by StevenG.
Personally speaking it really hurts when you receive such an email. It can shatter your Online Income dreams in a second and leave you hopeless but should you cry all day and night for being banned and begging Google to accept you back? Of course not! There are tons of solutions for your problem because you are not alone. I have shared two different solutions for young web owners and firmly established web owners.

Solution to New Bloggers or Web owners:

Who is a new blogger or  web owner?
  1. Your Blog or website is just one year old
  2. Your Blog has a PR less than 2
  3. Your Alexa Rank is > 100,000
  4. You receive 100-300 visitors daily
  5. Total number of your posts are less than 60-50
If you fit into this category and you lost your account then you don't have to worry because you honestly have lost nothing! Without 1000-10,000 daily visitors, Adsense or any other Ad service is meaning less. It will take 5-6 months for you to make just $50-100 if you fit in the above category. So what should be the best solution for you?
You still can make your dream come true and earn a happy living online by taking these steps:
  1. Make a new Gmail Account with different First and Second Name and Personal Info.
  2. Setup a New blogger account with the new Gmail ID
  3. Delete your Old Blog and Import your old posts to this new one by making serious Editing. Do not republish those posts with the same titles and starting paragraph and blogger images. Shuffle the paragraphs. The best idea is to rewrite them in different words. I know this will take long but you can do that within a week if your posts are no more than 50.
  4. If your blogger account and Gmail ID is not very old and crowded then the best is to delete both of them and make a new fresh start. Don't worry this step is smart long term one, it will hurt you at first but you will be in a much better state later.
  5. If you want to keep your blogger account and Gmail ID then its better to set up a blog with upgraded Wordpress and not the free one.
  6. Do not Link to your old blog after you have set up the new one.
How am I so sure of these steps? My own home buddy lost his Adsense Account. He receives 16000 daily visitors by sharing security threat articles. He set up a blog on wordPress and now he is receiving 2000-3000 visitors on the new blog with $2-4 per day, which is not a bad startup.  If you are a regular MBT reader then you know well who I am pointing to. Hope you give this solution a good thought with a cool mind.

Solution To Well established Web Owners

The only reason why you may have lost your account could be tons of clicks made on your Ads by your competitors. Unfortunately we still live in a world of anger, envy and jealousy. You still have a hope and can do much better if you give preference to alternatives. Adsense is gone and its not precious than the hours of sweat and tears you shed in bringing your website to a bigger stage. The biggest source of your income lies in your Traffic and this is what advertisers run after. Below are 10 best alternatives to Adsense that you can try to expect a more satisfying flow of Ad Income:
  1. Chitika
  2. AdBrite
  3. Infolinks
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Pocket Cents
  6. Kontera
  7. Clicksor
  8. Exit Junction
  9. Dynamic Oxygen
  10. AdBull

So What have you Decided?

Taking a step is always better then not making any move. Let me know what you think of the solutions shared above. If you have any stories or solutions then you are most welcome to share it with us. I wish this post may help you to achieve what you still can. There are always alternatives and solutions, what matters more is how you take a positive action. Peace and blessings be upon you all.

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  1. Detailed and generous info once again. This is very helpful. Thanks once again, Mohammad :)

  2. Detailed info... I was banned few years back from adsense then I left to work on it due to my study... bust last year i started a blog http://xpressabhi.com and needed adsense but couldn't get it...even after applying many times.....
    I found the easiest way to get it having a new account and i got it. But if you have some dollers in it and it get banned then it really hurts.....
    thankx for sharing

  3. @john
    My pleausre john. Feels great that you find it worth reading.

    I do agree brother and it was indeed highly mature of yours to start a new blog immediately. I just wish you all the best with this new account and thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Thanks you so much bro for your valuable post,i got my adsense back : ,here is my blog http://gprsbay.blogspot.com

  5. thanks a lot Mohd_ for publishing my name with my website and it really works for other people too and plz rename my website link with www.krackoworld.com not www.krackoworld.blogspot.com

  6. @same happened to me ...adsense banned for a silly reason but i wud lyk to mention d top alternative as technorati media ads wich many of my friends are using and saying dat its better for indians...

  7. My adsense account was suspended a year ago on my 3 yr old now blog. The only reason given period was because I had "giveaways" on my blog so that was considered an incentive? I see hundreds of blogs that still have adsense & do giveaways just like me. I still have my blog google does not take that from you. There were no extra clicks at all & it still infuriates me that they will not even reply to you. So the heck with them is what I say!

  8. I had introduced my ad-sense account when I had only one article.But Google pathetically banned it !

  9. I have decided to go for the alternatives of ad-sense. http://www.megascience.tk -is my site.I don't know how this will suite me...

  10. what other alternative of adsense , who use western union method ??

  11. in blog there is 150 posts what i do

  12. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai great post bro...but making a new blog and email id will help? i mean they must be having my ip address too? please reply i have 68 posts in my blog and have lost my adsense yesterday only wid 34$ in it :'(

  13. I remember getting kicked out of adsense :P But now i know everything so now i won't do any thing stupid

  14. Google banned me 14th January with $260+..:( i was got it to use http://amusingocean.com and use its and www.allinsurance4life.com. In 15th January i opened 2nd adsense account to use url www.allinsurance4life.com and same ip. I got adsnes within 1 hour.I used adsense link in my both blog http://amusingocean and www.allinsurance4life. but in today's morning i saw that 2nd account is also banned..:( i don't know why it banned? is it banned for same url or same ip? please inform me, if anybody know.

  15. Bhai Need Your Help. I Delete My Google Account With Adsense 2 Months Ago :(
    How I Get My Account Back ??

  16. Good article. Even my adsense account got disabled due to invalid clicks last year, I tried several attempt to get it back but could not get succeed so far. Now I heard Facebook is also launching a competitive product known as Facesense, not confirmed yet. Lets see.

    Here is my blog http://www.javaxp.com/

  17. hey very nice post..i got my account disabled yesterday with around $30+ having a good visitors ..i am going to try what you have advised on your post...will it work?

  18. Thanks for tips I think G will never reopen my ads agine and is time to shop for new ideas.
    By: www.2beinshape.com

  19. hey what about the payee name and the address? can that be same as the previous one or should that be changed? pls reply, since I would have to edit more than 400 posts to follow the method mentioned by you above.

  20. there another reason . which may be your fault (as i did a few year back)why you ended up having problems with your account because you have told others about the sites that was under your control. Whether to help or to harm, it’s possible that the people you tell them ( on 3rd year of my blogging day i started to promote my web using email to friends) went to your sites and were clicking on G's advertisements. (to “help” your revenue in doing it which cause problems to your sites.).

    to fix removed all your post ( edit all your post n save as draft if you a blogger ). and wait like 6 month or year to re post all your article. then add your new G A account (under spouse or relatives)

    you could just Request to change your name in your ID..
    Eg..religious reason..or fallowing your real parent surname or what ever..

  21. I did everything you said and each time my adsense account has become banned. Even lost my youtube partnership.

  22. I did everything you said and each time my adsense account has become banned. Even lost my youtube partnership.

  23. my adsense account id disable can i get it back