Anyone Can Earn Online and Be a Blogger, Just Go For it! Part-2

blogging skillsHope you liked the first part of this article where I discussed how can you make better use of your skills by writing blogs. That post and today's post is for those, who are enthusiastic about writing and testing their skills, enriching and elevating the talent that is hidden in them. So, for who have started blogging its well and good, but those who haven’t, there might be some reason then? why still waiting?? Do you think you can’t write properly? or you don’t know what topic to write on? If you think like that then I must say that almost everyone of us had this natural fear but it does not prove that you can not write!


writing_skills_logoThere are many things that come with practice, as people say practice makes a man perfect, but being a science student I can’t say that one can reach to the perfect state, there is always something in loss. So lets rephrase the statement and say Practice makes a man permanent… Now when you will write you will come to the point that for writing the most important thing is writing properly and by writing properly I mean there should be no mistakes, or you can say an errorless post. You can test your skills by writing a post on MBT. In the beginning you will find writing a post difficult but thanks to the nice editors at MBT( your post once edited will look in a much better shape. This must be kept in mind that the first website I told you for free blogging career is totally at your own and there would be no Editor’s facility there… Isn’t MBT a better choice where you can test your writing skills.Sharpen_pencil

Now coming to the final thing that directly attaches my reason of this topic with your needs that what should be the topic for the blog? I agree that its one of the most difficult task to think on which topic you may write but the answer is always in front of you, you just need to think over it.

imagesFirst of all you must think about your area of interest, that where your all interest lies? What do you feel about something? Can you write it as a topic, if yes than that should be the topic! If not, then you can Google the topic and write it as your own, it often happens when you have a lot of knowledge and you don’t know how to gather and filter it into this form. Just take an example of pencil that is not sharp at the moment, although the graphite lead is present inside it, but it’s useless at the moment, but when it is sharped then it can do a number of jobs. Just like this you just have to enrich your this quality and write for your own skills.

This is my personal experience that there is a time when topic suddenly come into your mind and when you start thinking you get more and more things about it, if you don’t have your keyboard there, you must write it somewhere so that when you get time you can write it as your post, and just like this when you will write the next topic will automatically come into your mind and the process goes on and on. The thing is,

You just need the inertia! :)

So go for it, give your thoughts full swing and give your paintings of imaginations the remarkable colors. Let the life be filled with happiness. Keep going :) Best of Luck!

  Asjad Azeem

About the Guest Author:

Asjad is an Undergraduate Student, pursuing his B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. He loves to write and share his ideas during leisure time. Apart from techy stuff, he also enjoys writing Fiction. He takes programming as his favourite subject. You can always contact him at YAHOO!

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  1. Enjoyed the post coz i am a science student too:) Inertia- the tendecy for a body to write more and more?? :P

  2. Enjoying post thanks for nice article.........

  3. @Amit M B
    Yes, unless an external applied force like Mom or Dad acts on you, continue your writing state ;)


    You guys haven't started yet, have you?