Google +1 Button will start appearing on search pages Globally

 1 buttonGoogle's recently introduced +1 Button is now going to be displayed worldwide on all Google domains. Previously this new plugin was added to English search results only but now all Google owned domains from India, Japan, till New Zealand and Australia will be equipped with this great tool giving publishers a better chance to improve their traffic. +1 Button is now available in 44 different languages. An amazing fact is that the +1 button will not only be added to search results but on Google Ads also. Following are the mega sites that are indirectly sponsoring and using the +1 button at the moment:



+1 sponsors

This is what Adsense's Team said:


A few months ago we released the +1 button on English search results on More recently, we’ve made the +1 button available to sites across the web, making it easy for the people who love your content to recommend it on Google search.
Today, +1’s will start appearing on Google search pages globally. We'll be starting off with sites like,, and, then expanding quickly to most other Google search sites soon after.
We’ve partnered with a few more sites in Europe, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand where you’ll see +1 buttons over the coming days.


You can add the +1 Button to your blogger blogs by reading this tutorial:

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  1. I feel the button is really slow though

  2. good news for malaysian google user :) thanks for sharing ahmedzai

  3. @sam

    Yes you are right bhavesh but I am sure they will come up with better solution to that problem.

    Oh yes indeed Malaysian bloggers along with everyone world wide now has a great chance to expand their traffic medium.