Google PageRank Update June 2011

Pagerank updateGoogle PageRank updated just an hour ago and thanks to all my loyal and highly valuable readers MBT BLog is now a PR 4.0 Blog with 24K Alexa Rank Alhamdulillah!. I am thankful to Allah Almighty for all His support and blessings. I wish and pray that you guys may too hear a good news day and night for the hard work that you do. It's a day to celebrate! Spent every day of my summer vocations trying to bring something new to blogosphere and a gift like PR and Alexa is a wish come true. Without your motivation and consistent feedback this would have never been possible. I thank all guest posters for being an immense support to mbt blog and all the readership. This blog is yours and it will remain yours. Peace and blessings! =d

I saw the PageRank shocking news at 6.15 PM GMT+ 27th June 2011.

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  1. congrat the way, i got 3 pagerank.. need more effort after this to get 7 my target -.-' lol

  2. Thank you pal. More power to you Duas. I wish it comes true one day! :)

  3. Brother ,its a great news ,all almighty's grace and your hard work .Many more to come. Many wishes to you .Always

  4. Yipppeeeeeee... I got PR 2.... I never ever thought that I can even get a PR 1 :)

    Yeeeeeeee Hooooooooooohhhhhhhh..... :D

    And Congrats to MBT :)

  5. congrats Mohammad finally your hard work has paved off , i am also happy at this moment as i got pr 2 and congrats to all blog owners who have an increase in pr >>>>>congrats!!!!!!!

  6. @Manisha

    I thank you especially Manisha for being the oldest reader and the best of all one of my best motivators. thanks sis for everything. :)


    congratx dude. betta party then! :p

    Feels really great to hear that good news brother. I wish you may receive even more. :)

    Thanks buddy and thank you for being a valuable contributor. :>

    Oh wow dude as I said you will make it. YOu only needed a little push. Now get up once again and take your blog to the next level. Flattered to hear that buddy. I knew you could. :d

    That is a great news John and it wont take you long to reach PR-4-5. Wish you all the best! :d

    Oh Mashallah keep it up buddy. :>

  7. I don't know what the hell I did that I got PR 2.. I didn't had anything in my small brain to get a PR..

    I just can't get what should I do now???

  8. And btw my site now also have the full 8 google sitelinks which is for brand.. isn't it?

  9. After I checked, I was only 0 page rank, but there is progress that previous my PageRank is N / A....

  10. Hello Mohammad,
    Congrats brother and with your help and support i got PageRank 2 for "A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia" and PageRank 1 for "Guitar Chords Point".
    Thank You.

  11. I did notice that. I was excited because the one I put my heart into that isn’t a year old yet is now a 3 and another one went up to a 2. Looking at my 3 sites I think their page ranks are very accurate. Looks like whatever Google looked at, it is as it should be…finally.

  12. @sam
    You just need to do nothing except writing more and now switch to Tech blog bhavesh. Create another blog and write on iphone, Android if you can. The best brotherly advise that I can give! :)

    I solute your self confidence. YOu will succeed for sure now with such a spirit!

    Congats buddy. Really happy for you. Keep it up! :)

    All hardwork was yours buddy. Thank you too for being a valuable contributor. May you have even more success. Well done! :>>

    Wow no you should better throw a party for that. Celebrating the smallest happiness becomes the reason for a bigger one in future. So dit it! :d

    Thank you buddy. How was yours?

  13. Would it be wise to change my template after this update?

    And you have given me this advice before also and I have already gave you my problematic answer :P

  14. Alhamdulillah! It seems happiness surrounds us all. :D I am glad for you, Mohammad. My blog's PR has now also moved 2 levels from PR 0. It is just 5 months old by the end of this month. It's no doubt because of tips and guidance from you, Mohammad. :D Thanks a lot. Jazakumullah Khoiran Katsiirr...


    Ahmad Khoirul Azmee

  15. Mohammad,

    I am still confused. What can I add to draw traffic to my blogger blog site? I don't see where I can add code.

    Thank you,

  16. @sam

    No dude it is fine. Create another blog with different topic don't rely on the current one only.

    MashAllah brother it gives me great pleasure when I hear good news from you people. Really proud of you buddy and more success and glory may embrace you in coming days. :)

    The Traffic lies in your one single power i.e. "Write More"
    Read this buddy -> Publish several posts per day to boost traffic
    Apply them for a month at least and you will come back to hug me as a brother. :)

  17. @samsexy98

    I got PR 3!
    Samsexy, you could have got a PR 4 if u had made all the megashare links "nofollow" !

  18. Its all the result of your hardwork and awesome tutorials

  19. @Ayush Chand

    I remember that you told me this before also and I gave you the answer as well.

    And I think Mohammad told that outgoing download link has no effect. Forgive me if I am wrong as I am a dumb in SEO, you guys know that :P

  20. As per Matt Scott Page Rank is not important! unless u have good amount of traffic.