Add +1 button and Other Share Buttons Below Post Titles

social-share-widgetThe area just below your post titles have more impressions i.e. that area is more viewed by your visitors and if you add social share or bookmarking buttons such as the new Google +1 button, Facebook Like + Send button, tweet button and my favorite addthis button, then there are more chances of getting more likes, digs, stumbles and +1'd. So lets add this beautiful widget to your blogger blogs. You can see them live just below the post titles of this blog.

Adding the Social Share Widget To Blogger

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for <data:post.body/>
  4. and just above it paste the code given below,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

<table border='0'>
<td><div style='margin-right:5px;'>
<g:plusone expr:href='data:post.url' size='medium'/>
<td><div style='padding-top:6px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
tweetmeme_style = &quot;compact&quot;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

<td><div style='margin-right:25px;'>
<script expr:src='&quot;;r=&quot; + data:post.url'/></div>
<td><div style='margin-right:25px;'>
<div id='fb-root'/><script src=''/><fb:like font='' href='' layout='button_count' send='true' show_faces='false' width='40px'/>

<!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
<div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style ">
<a class="addthis_counter addthis_pill_style"></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- AddThis Button END -->


</table> </b:if><br/>

    5.   Next search for </head>

    6.  and just above it paste the following code,

<script src='' type='text/javascript'> {lang: &#39;en-US&#39;} </script>

    7.  Save your template and you are done!

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  1. Buddy the div tags are not closed properly. When I closed it I am even getting that td tags are not closed properly which I couldn't find. Please correct it..

  2. @bhavesh

    Oh sorry for the inconvenience brother. I just updated the code. How is you illness now?

  3. Finally added.. Needed to adjust the buttons to fit properly in my layout..

    Thanks Bro.. I thought your forgot after you didn't reply to my mail :)
    And I am fine now... :)

  4. @Ahmed

    Oh thanks, yeh I made that stupid mistake everywhere. I updated all codes. :>

    I am really happy to hear that pal. Forgive me for no replies to mails. You know everything bhavesh. And you will always remain a special friend buddy. :))

  5. Buddy I just can't figure out the problem. Look at my share button. It is fully orange. Even the count "0" is orange color instead it should have been is white. I don't understand what's the problem??

  6. Also see that when hover the button, all becomes white.

  7. @Sam
    Ok do onething bhavesh

    Go to and get a fresh code for the counter. and add it instead of the addthis code I have provided. This will make things perfect. Let me know.

  8. I have already done that. Even the send button have problem. When u click send a window comes with "Send" and Cancel" buttons. That window goes under my sidebar instead of staying above, so I placed it after the +1. So problem is actually shifted and not solved. But what to do with this share button... :(

  9. @Sam

    I visted your blog again and all your buttons are working just perfect. I am not sure if you are using mozilla. further you addthis button has been customized and I guess you have implemented the following tutorial on it ->
    Please read the above tutorial again and removing hover effects you may have added just use the code provided in the tutorial only.

  10. Ok see. I have added the same code (with my customization) in minima strech and all is well. So its a problem in the template and not in the code. And the customization of margins is needed to fit in the template.

    See this image (What I see on my blog) ->

    Now while hovering, hover on "Share" instead of on count "0". You will see that "Share" also goes white.

    Whereas on this demo site with same custom code, all is well ->

  11. @sam

    Oh I see pal. Did you ever add the addthis button code elsewhere in your template which you forgot to remove before adding this? I personally think this can not be due to template coding. the code is saved on addthis servers and it doesn't conflict with other scripts.

  12. No buddy, I checked, there is no other code of addthis in my template :(

  13. @Sam

    Send me your template but its your duty to remind me daily if I have solved the problem. you know I forget things unwillingly :p

  14. Ok i will send u the template when i come back on my pc as i m on my smart phone right now.. Btw i dnt remind u again n again bcoz i feel like i m forcing u to do my work.. But as u have said now i will remind u wenever i get this problem in mind bcoz i m also like u who forget things.. Lol.. :-P

  15. I can`t find this code in my templates:

    Is that code in all templates?

  16. I think we need a code update for addthis.. I see a different large chunk of code on the official site..

  17. How do you change the Like + Send button to just the Like counter button? Thanks!

  18. Hey I don't know if i did something wrong but when i did all the steps at the bottom of the post there is 1 like button and 1 send button from facebook. Everything is fine with the ones below the post title. I think they are there because i previously tried to add share buttons and failed. But they appeared and i don't want them there. I was just wondering how i could remove the buttons?would appreciate any suggestions.

  19. salam muhammed sayib
    above tricks is not working my blog what can i do i hope u will help me.

  20. hello muhammad
    i have in 3 different places pls guide me where should i put the code

  21. I could not find "" - is there anything else I could look for?

    we_haveitall (at yahoo dot com)

  22. my didn't work either with the postbody code i have to put either on this of two codes

    to put on the top of the post

    <div class='post-body entry-content'>

    this one tu put on the bottom of the post

    <div class='post-footer'>

    i hope it help bye

  23. Hi, few things.

    Changed the look of my blog and some things changed

    Now the share buttons appear on every page. How can I get it off the rest and only on the post page which happens to be my home page. I would also like it on my recipe, nutrilinks and blog directory page. Can I customise it only for the pages I want? If not if i can have it only the post page that will be fine.

    Also the share button which shares to "everything" is counting the total share since I installed which is 4 posts back.. so showing a higher number. How can it get it to show share number for that post only.The twitter, fb etc are working fine except that the twitter button on my home page is not working.
    If you can Please check out my blog and take a look I would appreciate it.

  24. Asalamualaikum Brother, I had add this button in my page but i want it in center. can u help me?? my page

  25. Hi I am using the Mimoza Theme and there doesn't seem to be a , I am doing a major overhaul of my site as part of my return to Blogger and would like to use this as part of this overhaul. If you could give me a hint of where I can put the code for this theme.

    If you have a theme that is close to the same color scheme, you seem to do a great job on your themes but I like a little darker color combination - I would prefer to use yours



  26. Hello thanks man, visit my blog Brothers !

  27. I could not find this code pls help me bro........

  28. Thank you nice post. I have utilized it in my blog ... Awesome blog..

  29. Dear how you have made the social buttons widget static when we scroll up and down the page... ? I am talking about the widget just right on your blog.

  30. they are visible only if anyone opens the post.. what if i want them to be visible in homepage as well?

  31. Is the Facebook "Like Button" still available for this? I added this to my site but the Facebook "Like Button" is only thing that does not appear

  32. Thanks for this post..........
    but i have a little problem...
    please help me out...
    i cant find the code "" in my template...
    where should i post your code...??
    i m using Isabela template...
    please help blog is..

  33. Thanks for the nice plugin. I put it at the bottom of my post. It worked for the first day but the Facebook Like and Send button just disappears mysteriously after that. Any idea why?

  34. What if you already have other buttons and you want to add only Google+ button? What do you add?

  35. I dont have the code in my blog !!

  36. Thanks for this tutorial. Is there a way to have the icons show on the "homepage" on Blogger? Right now they only show if you click on the post URL. See sample:


  37. thank for this blog

  38. @Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai...Bro I Have Followed The Procedure But Nothing Is Displaying Below The Post Titles :(
    Help Me Out...I'm New To Blogger...
    Thanks in Advance

  39. thank you mohammad, your tutorial just perfect with my template. tqvm

  40. Hi, the bottom of twitter not work, fix please

  41. what if i want to add facebook share ?


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  44. Thanks for this tutorial. It works perfectly fine on my blog here:
    More power to your site. :)

  45. thank You For This But I am Not Able To find can u Please help me

  46. this is nice, i have it in my blog

  47. Do you have a pinterest sharing button together with the others?