How To Style BuySellAds Empty Ad Spots With CSS?

Customize-BSA-adsBuySellAds is a name that is known to all. It is an advertisement service where you can buy and sell ads out of thousands of blogs and websites. Ads are displayed in different format sizes, the most popular being 125 by 125 and 468 by 60 and 300 by 250. By default the empty Ad Posts look dull and grey in color just like these,

468 by 60
125 by 125
I am sure no one would like the default look so lets play with some CSS!

Customizing BSA Ad Spots

Whether you are a blogger user or wordpress or a webpage holder, this tutorial works for all. We just need to add the CSS code to our style sheet and that's it. So follow up,
  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for
  4. and just above paste the code below,
.adhere{ background:#ffffff !important; border-color:#B7DBFF !important; }
.adhere:hover{ background:#EAF5FF !important; }
    5.   Save your template and you are done!
View your webpage to see your Ad spots with a more attractive look as shown below,
Active Mode Look:
customized bsa ad spot
Mouse Hover Look:
You can observe clearly how the ad spot changes color when the mouse cursor is hovered on it. So lets customize the colors.
Make these changes,
  • To Change the border color, kindly change #B7DBFF . Our Color Generator tool or Color Chart can be helpful.
  • To Change background color in active mode, kindly change #ffffff
  • To change background color in Mouse Hover mode, kindly change #EAF5FF
That's All! :>
PS: To change the Advertise Here font style and color. Kindly edit it from your BSA account.

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  1. @Amit

    Nothing new in it buddy. Everyone enjoys monetizing the blog for it is the only source of income that helps us to maintain and run the blogs and provide you with free tutorials. Its the only right we have. :>

  2. Ads space can be directly customized in admin panel of BSA.

  3. @Digital Bunch

    Brother we can only customize the font appearance and not the hover effects. You can try them yourselves the results are always poor.

  4. Is it possible to create account and get payment in Pakistan without having paypal account?

    is there any other method available for Pakistanis?

  5. @saqib
    Unfortunately that's the only highgly used way. Other alternatives are no less than a headache. Please read this post: USe paypal in Pakistan

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  7. How to add a background to an ad spot with animations?

    I saw this on many blogs. It looks professional. There are many ad spots with different colors, and if we hover on them they expand. I too want to customize my blog like that. Mustafa bro please give a tutorial on that.
    Thank You

  8. Hi Dear i cannot create the space of ad buy/sell in my blog.please explain where and how the above code is to paste.?