8 Time Management Tips for Bloggers - How Crucial it is?

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

blogging time managementThe trickiest part that comes with Blogging is indeed lack of time. If you are a good writer and enjoy every single word of what you write, then this article might be for you. It is not away from reality that the times we live in are extremely busy. Blogging in such times can be a problem for many.
There can be two dimension to this. You can be a Blogger who cant resist writing more and more, with less time to write. Or you can be a Blogger who takes hours to get into writing motion. Either the case, time management is pretty crucial for both. Lets jump into the topic and discuss how you can manage your time and get most out of your day for Blogging without effecting your other daily chores.

1. Knowing Your Highest  Energy Level Moments

As a human, we cannot be active all day long. There are short spans in the day when we feel most fit and active. This can vary to every individual. Some people feel more active early in the morning around 8 to 10 am. Some might find nights more refreshing and comfortable. What ever the case is with you, the point is that it is extremely important to find your peak hours through out the day.
These spans can be very effective in building the content for your blog. As a writer you should be in peace when writing at your blog. So knowing about your highest energy levels points in the day is important to be a successful and well timed managed blogger.

2. Build a Routine and Stick To It

Once you have figured out your peak energy levels shells you need to build a routine. Say if you feel active for 3 hours after you get up and take your breakfast, you can refresh your self for an hour and then start writing articles for the rest of the two hours. As you know that for the rest of the day you would be down, so this is the time when you have to utilize the most.
Make it your routine and stick to it. Put on an alarm for the next day and wake up by force. Don't get late for your blogging task. Take it as a job. You need to wake up at a set frame of time. Don't be lazy. 

3. Stand Up Against Any Distractions

Once you are following your daily routine, you don't want any one to distract you from it. Whether they are your friends on mobile, social networks, SMS etc or even your very own family members. You need to make them realize that you are in a working mode and cannot interact. I understand that its difficult to sustain in daily family life, but you got to try. Its in fact your intention and seriousness towards your own work. If you are a true friend of your self, you wont feel many distractions.
If you feel like that you are tempted to surf net while you blog, plug off your net wire or your wi-fi connection for the time being. Its again seniority towards your self.

4. Plan Your Work But Not that Much!

Some people take it forever to plan their articles. You wont get any where with that. When you talk about time management you need to balance every thing. Obviously planing more will make your work better, but at what cost? Make a general plan  for your article and just start writing. Take the article as a conversation with the audience.
When you intend to give some information to your friend, how much time it takes you to " Plan " that conversion? This is the point. Write as if you are talking to your friends and providing them with the information you are good at. 

5. Choose a fixed place to blog

This is one of the key factor in blogging. Carry out blogging at a fixed place. Changing your place every now and then wont help you out. It would take time to adjust at a particular place, minimizing your output. 

6. Learn Typing

Blogging is all about writing more and more content. If you know how to type fast, it would be as easy as pie for you. You can produce tons of content with less effort in a given amount of time. Extremely recommended for bloggers.

7. Utilize Your Left Over Time for the Next day

In case you end up early writing an article in that given amount of two hours, you should not jump out of your seat. Try building up more content and utilize those two hours. Think of those two hours solely dedicated to
"Blogging". May be you can post the other article the next day.
If you feel that you are really a head of your schedule, you can rethink over your posting frequency. You can save your posts and think of publishing them the next day because keeping a consistent post frequency increases your search engine ranking  and improves your listing in a SERP. Never Publish in a bulk, be consistent.

8. Give Your Self a Reward

Once you are done working for those two hours, give your self some reward. Why not take a round at a park, or some time at computer games, or a cup ice cream :)

Enjoy every moment of your Blogging life. Happy and healthy mind equals Best of your potentials. Hope this article could make a difference in your blogging life style.
Peace out ! =)

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  1. Hello Hassam Ahmad Awan,

    Great post, need to follow what is shared here. Some points i adhere to, but being a housewife it sometimes difficult to cope up. Thanks for useful tips.

    Mohammad, still waiting for a post of sponsorship eligibility :)

  2. @Hetal Patil Rawat
    I am glad that you liked the article and shared your views. Best of luck in finding more time for blogging from your daily hetic family life. :)

  3. Excellent article. I have some things to say though:

    1. Point no.2 and 4 is where I lack the most. I am tooooo lazy and whenever I plan something it never gets finished.

    2. In the last point I would point out a mistake. If I was writing this article, then I wouldn't have included "computer games" bcoz they are addictive and there is a big chance that you will forget about other stuff. Another thing to note is that you are already blogging for some hours on PC or MAC or whatever you use and after that sitting for computer games won't be a good idea. I hope you got my point.

    Article is still AWESOME :)

  4. @samsexy98

    One can reward himself generously if he can apply that " time management " thingy to other things too.

    This goes for the computer games too :>

    Without managing our life styles, we cant really compete.

    Thanks for appreciating the post by the way :)

  5. @Hassam Ahmad Awan

    That is what I am telling. Applying that will be a big task if you are going to include computer games.

    I will suggest if someone is new to time management then exclude computer games for sometime and then after he/she is used to that time management thing and have enough confidence of doing things on time then he can include computer games in the schedule but not right after you finish with blogging on PC :)

  6. Hi Hassam,

    Great tips, these are indeed very helpful to manage time. I believe that tip# 2 stand out from the rest of the tips. Having a routine and sticking to it is a great way to stay focus on tasks, limit wasted time and get things done. It is what I also do at work using this tool Time Doctor that tracks time accurately on real time. Then, set an estimated amount of time when working on tasks. I even set my regular breaks on it, which helps me relax a bit and regain sanity.