8 Ways to Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online

8 ways to monetize your blog and make money online

Are you looking for 8 ways to monetize your blog and make money online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Before you even think of monetizing your blog, it is important that your content gets an audience. The best blogs are those whose focus is on a specific topic, provide quality content of the highest value, and put you out as an authority. Once you are sure you have an engaging blog, you can go ahead and monetize it.

We have already shared exclusive ways students can make money online and today we will share the following 8 ways to monetize your online forex trading blog and make money from it:

1. Advertisements

Don’t be fooled. Adding pay-per-click (PPC) ads to your site is not going to earn you a real income unless you have at least 100,000 visitors per day. So think about directly negotiating terms with advertisers for the placement of display ads instead of PPC ads. Make sure the ads are within your chosen industry or niche. In the end, you will earn much more than exclusively using PPC ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Most bloggers have leveraged their earning ability through affiliate marketing. It works well for people who are just starting out and have no products or services to sell. But your content must be closely related to the affiliate products you intend to push. For example, a technology blogger could try to push smartphones and their accessories. As they hit your blog, the visitors will be attracted to also buy the products.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing could be the first step toward making money on your blog. The first step is to come up with a mailing list. You will then send out regular emails to create leads or promote your blogs. There are several email marketing platforms you could use including Aweber or Omnisend especially if you are just starting out. Once you have built a strong connection with your audience, you can easily push affiliate products and services.

4. Sell Courses

Sell Courses

With the increasing number of people looking to gain skills online, you could make a lot of cash by selling courses. The courses not only need to be intuitive, but they should also be helpful. Once done right, you can put the courses out there and allow people to download them at a fee. You may want to venture into fields such as graphic design, digital marketing, and web development. After discovering what you are good at, create courses that are better than anything available on the market.

5. Sell eBooks

You could come up with an eBook based on the content on your blog. Write it so as to teach an important skill which people usually struggle with. One way to promote the eBook is directly through blogs with attractive content that draws your audience in. if you intend to make automatic eBook sales, you will have to come up with a dedicated sales funnel.

6. Sell Coaching Services

Want to monetize your online forex trading blog? Why don’t you sell coaching services? You could promote yourself as a business development coach, career coach or life coach. So long as you have some clients, this is a sure way of making money online. Come up with several packages and deal with objections before they arise. Avoid making the purchase process too complicated.

7. Sell Digital Products

To make money on your blog, you could come up with digital information products which conform to your content. A simple webinar will go a long way to help market your products. But you need to make the download process easy for your visitors. Other possible products include software components, PDFs, resources, downloadable guides, SaaS, videos, and so on.The bottom line is to have digital products that meet specific needs.

8. Secure Sponsorship

To get better deals from sponsorships, you need to have substantial traffic. Once you have struck a deal, you can then come up with sponsored posts. Don’t make the mistake of passing off such posts as organic. Rather, always label them as sponsored. If you fail to meet this requirement, the FTC will be on your case. You could also end up being penalized by Google for not clearly marking out the sponsored content.

If you have an online forex trading related blog, don’t waste time on churning out endless content. Monetize it and start earning money from your sweat today.

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