How To Integrate AdSense In Google Custom Search Engine?

EARN-MORE-WITH-ADSENSEIn our previous post we explained in detail the importance of Google custom search engine with regard to your website internal search and page views, its now time to monetize your search engine to further increase your AdSense for Search revenue. This search engine displays AdSense Ads when a visitor searches for a query at your site/blog, as shown in the screen shot below,






Google Custom Search Results

The ads when clicked or even if just viewed by the visitor will increase your Pay Per Click and Page Impressions earning. Now without wasting any further time lets now learn on how to associate your AdSense account with your Custom Search Engine account.

How to Display Ads in Google Custom Search Engine?

After you have successfully created  your custom search engine and installed it on blogger, you need to monetize it by following the simple steps below,

1) Go To Manage CSE

2) Click the Control Panel link close to the name of your search engine. In my case it is My Blogger Tricks as shown below,

Custom Search Engine

3) Then click the link Make Money at the left pane,


4) The finally on the next window that appears simply click the option that says "I already have an AdSense account" and fill the simple form with your email ID, postal code and the last 5 digits of your mobile number that you submitted to AdSense while creating an account.



CSE control panel

5) Hit the Submit button and you are done!

6) Log into your Adsense Account and simply click the link that may appear at the top of your dashboard which will ask you whether or not you wish to let the Custom Search engine to access your AdSense Ads. Simply click it and enjoy the happy new earning! =)

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    We can create a slider like this but never tried with facebook plugin. Let me try it and I will publish it the moment I succeeded in creating one. Thanks for the suggestion. :>

  2. Hi, can you help me integrate Adsense search results into the page page like your blog ? I don't want them to open in a new window.
    Thanks :)

  3. Thank you for laymen terms for someone like me that’s not up to speed yet on the language that’s commonly used. Your instructions were precise and I almost couldn’t believe I finish that fast. I’m defiantly will be paying attention to you because you’re a teacher.

  4. [Help] The AdSense account for this publisher has been disapproved. We do not allow requests on a disapproved AdSense account.
    I have five email accounts email is rejected how do I received in the adsense please help me