Add Facebook Send Button to Blogger Blogs

Facebook-send-buttonIn 2010 when Facebook introduced the Facebook Like button to help people share interesting stuff with all their friends, some people still needed a more private button that could let them share stuff with specific people. Thus just this year Facebook introduced the  Send button,  which is the easiest way to privately share things with groups, friends or individuals. In todays tutorial we will learn on how to add this important new social plugin to your blogger blogs.




How To Add Facebook Send Button To Blogger Blogs?

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Click Expand widgets templates box
  4. Search for <data:post.body/>
  5. and now if you wish to add the send button just below your post titles then add the giant code below just above <data:post.body/> or if you wish that the button may appear at the end of your posts then paste the following code just below <data:post.body/>

<div id="fb-root"></div><script src=""></script><fb:send href="" font="verdana"></fb:send>


      6.  Hit save and you are done!

I hope you will enjoy reading these posts too,

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  1. That was simple. Just added it. :D

  2. Faceboook will never stop developing. These guys are surely the spartans! :p

  3. Hey Mohammad,

    Still waiting for those ICONS set for home previous next posted my email address mailus[at]expertsgalaxy[dot]com.And as you said that not using disqus better enable comment moderation in blogger so that you can reply then and there to your readers and will also help preventing spam comments to appear before you can delete them,as I have noticed you do reply sooner or later that rarely bloggers do and its a must do ethic for every blogger.Just a suggestion from my side

  4. Just added - tested it and it does not send the individual post??

  5. @Anony
    You are welcomed
    Glad it did. :>


    No doubt in it :)


    Just sent you the buttons buddy. I highly apologise for late replies due to Alhamdulillah new visitors. I surely respect the suggestion. I will write a detailed post on why I avoid disqus and comment moderation. Comment moderation has a lot of disadvantages which I guess would be better if I explain in a post.

    I have updated the code and it will work just fine now. The closing tags were shortened by blogger editor and I have correct that. you can now surely add it anywhere you like. :>

  6. Made the change but still not working? Can you look at my blog and test it? Maybe I have something else wrong?

  7. @Debby

    I visited your blog and it is working just perfect. I guess you have troubleshooted yourself. :>

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  9. 1.) I'm just wondering, if it is possible to get multilingual send button (the one, which changes depends on what language are you using on Facebook)?

    2.) I have custom READ MORE button on my blog/page and the problem is, if I want to SEND a post to someone from the home page, it would SEND a home page - not the post :( I tried to apply data:post.title &/or data:post.url to the code, but my knowledge of html is insufficient and I just tried - didn't know what realy needs to be done.

    Plz help.

    Thank you (and sorry for my bad english)...

    Marko (

  10. @Marko

    Brother the send button will change language according the the FB account langugae of the user. If your visitor is from china then the FB send option texts will appear in chinese. You don't need to worry about it because the send button does that automatically.

    Further the post titles will be sent only while you are in the full post page i.e expanded mode else of course sending a summarized post from homepage will prompt the URL of your homepage to the button.

  11. 1. I disagree. The link to the script is and if I'm correct the buttons will show up just in US English. I tried to change my FB language to many of them, went on my blog and the buttons were still in English. It doesnt realy bother me, but when I had my Like button in iframe, the language did change. Also there was no en_US in the link to the script. I would still use that, but I realy wanted the Send button and it's not iframe supported.

    2. I solved the problem. Previously I had my Like button in iframe, and then I added a XFBML send button. Now I transformed both buttons to XFBML and it's working correctly.

  12. @Marko
    I will agree marko. I just checked and googled for this. And I found out that Facebook's plugins do not change dynamically with respect to user locations. I further found out around 31 different looks of the like buttons which are language specific. Guess it was a good learning for myself and forgive me for the ignorant assumption brother. Thank you for making it clear.

  13. No problem. Thank you for this great page, for useful post and help. Without you I wouldn't have my page (as it is) so thank you again. [and sorry for my bad english]

  14. @alpner

    My pleasure buddy. :> Thanks for being a valuable reader. Kindly share the Iframe version codes that you are using. I will publish a post on it by giving credits to you. You can paste that code here using the HTML Encoder

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  16. i cant find data:post.body
    plz help..

  17. i cannot share or send article or else from my blog to my wall, always said: 'I am blocked from adding content'...bla bla bla....
    but, if i share from other site is ok no problem...any one can answer me? ......thanks

  18. Assalaamualaikum bro!
    It does not work for me! It does not even appear!
    Please correct this error!