google-vs-yahooIf one looks around, he may found two different styles of working - one organizing ways of getting in the market which sometimes makes Google superior than Yahoo . everything in a big pile and leaving it to you to sort out and find what you need . In other words , gathering everything under one roof . Next approach , gathering neat piles of everything . Putting in front of you what you actually want . Google and Yahoo work with the above mentioned styles respectively . Along with this , Google and Yahoo! have entirely different Many of the Yahoo fans wont like this , i know! :P
I studied briefly the statistics , the proactive approach Google and Yahoo take and the way they market their firms . While studying it all , I found one thing very clear everywhere - Google is a developer and Yahoo is a user . Yes .

Lets have a look , how :

Yahoo's Strategy So Far:

yAHOO STRATEGYLets talk about Yahoo side of the story first . Yahoo has always believed in partnerships in order to drive traffic . In 2006 , as we all know , Yahoo made a $1+billion bid for Facebook . It was one of the most crucial steps for Yahoo! to drive public through a social networking site .  But unfortunately , Yahoo didn't make it at the end as Microsoft had offered a more powerful amount of money ($40 billion that is ) :P
Yahoo had always been aware of the fact that it cannot develop a social media website to counter Google's products , and that is why , Yahoo created partnership with social media sites . In 2009 , Yahoo announced a sort-of-connection with Facebook Connect by integrating it in its popular web properties . Through this , Yahoo would be able to get traffic generated by sharing articles and other things on Facebook.
Moreover , Yahoo has also been a partner of Twitter . Yahoo gave users the feasibility to access Twitter from within Yahoo . So we see that Yahoo instead of competing with the social media , believes in partnering with them so as to generate traffic through them .

Google's Strategy So Far:

gOOGLE STRATEGYNow lets discuss Google in detail : Google has always been focusing on developing things on its own e.g Google Buzz . Google has focused on technology unlike Yahoo ,  who believes in partnership . Doesn't it look more like Development vs Partnership ?  Mind taking a look ?
In Oct 2006 , Google buys YouTube . Same year ,  2006 , Yahoo and eBay formed a partnership . In 2008 , Google launched Google Chrome . The very next year , 2009 , Yahoo formed a search partnership with Microsoft . Later in Feb 2010 , Google came up with Google Buzz  . Same year , Yahoo and Twitter formed a partnership . Moreover , Google is launching an application Google Wallet this summer .  While , there are no latest updates of Yahoo (of this summer) in my knowledge .
So you see how well-planned Google has always been . Always taking a very calculated step in developing applications which always grabbed the attention of people , while Yahoo continued on partnerships . Google's strategy is continuously succeeding since the launch of Google Buzz because it is one of the most complete product Google has presented up till now . As compared to Yahoo , Google has developed better technical products in a short duration ( Buzz , Chrome , Wallet , Android  etc. ) . Plus , Google is working more on smartphones now , which is going to be the next biggest target for searching .
To conclude , I would say that COMPARING the two firms is really difficult . I and you all can never judge just on the basis of search engine results that Yahoo is better or Google is better . It all relates to the strategies they follow . And they have entirely different strategies . Neither company's strategy or direction is wrong . Its just that they need different social strategies to succeed .

About the Guest Author:
Amna Masood Khawaja
Amna has always been a valuable MBT contributor, smooth writer, and a kind socializing person. She is pursuing her B.E Degree in Computer and Information System Engineering. During her Leisure time she loves to share and post her Random Rumblings.

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