Download Facebook Style Bookmarking Buttons

Facebook-Bookmarking Buttons

Its really hard for any addicted blog publisher to abandon posting for such a long period. My exams have finally ended and fortunately I am on vocations now and ready to Gear Up once again! =) The only thing I can do now is to provide you all with as many tutorials and blogger resources as possible. For a happy start let me present some beautiful Bookmarking Buttons which have exact look, feel and design like the Facebook Like Button.

This set contains buttons for Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg and an Email Link. These buttons are a perfect match for Facebook lovers. They look pretty attractive when coined into a bookmarking widget. My Next post will share the tutorial where you can arrange these buttons in a single line and add them just below blog post titles or below the Post itself as shown below,


To Download these buttons kindly subscribe first and then share your Email ID in the comment box below. To protect your Email from  "Spam robots" make sure you post your email address like this,

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Current Subscribers may simply post their Email IDs in the comments. I hope you will find it useful. I do humbly apologies for not replying to the previously posted queries and feedback. I will reply them all shortly. I hope you guys are doing fine and as chilled as before. Peace out! :D

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