Why I Blog?

blogger-boy For the past two months, I've desired for just one thing, "free time"! Yeah, you got it right, I have been giving my exams but finally, they have ended. Now I'm staring at the the plenty of free time I've got and and wondering why, in the first place, I ever wanted it? I slept, read, watched movies, did shopping and everything I wanted to do but still have a lot of free time in reserve. May be this is the only thing that is "free" and in excess these days.

I would stop boring you now and come to the point straight and that is, why do I blog? and the answer is, "I don't know!". When I was a student, I used to write poems and my friends suggested I should write on a broader platform but being an introvert, I discarded the suggestion. But today, when I have nothing else to do, I decided to try my luck here i.e The Blogosphere. Talking about myself won't be a great idea so I would rather stick to the topic i.e. "Why PEOPLE blog?" The reasons, in my view, are few and simple which are as follows:


1. They are bored and jobless (?)

jobless Yeah, there are some people like me who blog just because they have nothing else to do ;)




2. They want to be heard

loud speaker This,in my view,is the basic idea behind blogging. A part of us humans have always wanted to be heard when our emotions and fears go unnoticed by the fast moving world around us. We look for a way to gain attention from these so-called busy people in a way which suits them. A small appreciation to our work satisfies us a great deal and there's a feeling that we really exist.

3. Socializing experience

socializing Another advantage of blogging and online interaction is broadening of vision and making new contacts at the cost of 1k per month ( :P ) I've spent around 3-4 years writing on different forums and meeting people from all walks of life and beliefs and for me its been a great learning experience.

4. Bloggers are learners

learners No blogger would ever want any information shared on his/her blog to be challenged by a reader so bloggers are always careful while mentioning even trivial information and do a lot of research on a subject before writing about it. As a result, their knowledge increases with time and gives them another reason to get addicted to the idea of blogging.

Ps: you can show off your knowledge in front of friends and earn some wow's too ;)

5. Means of earning money

earning-money-thumb18720563 Once you've become a successful blogger,you have a very high likelihood of making good money which is the basic necessity of every human being. The best thing about earning money through this medium is that there is no age limit.You can earn at an age of 12 years and keep earning even if you're 70. So, all those people out there who have words waiting to be said, its time to speak your heart out in this cyber world even if you're just another common person like me.

This is it for now. I'll be back soon with some peculiar but golden tips on blogging. See ya around. :)

Fatima Masood Khuwaja

About the Guest Author:

Fatima is a keen learner and socializing person. She has recently completed her MBBS Degree and now a days during her leisure time she writes about her random rumblings at My World!

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  1. Yeh I wud agree sometimes You just want to speak out all tht is within you. I love blogging too but hardly get time to publish. Thanks author.

  2. Very well said Fatima! I love your posts and hope that you continue blogging :)

  3. hey how can i earn when i dont have a bank account and i m underage for it ...paypal is like in india they got some strict rules for india like.... tranfer the money to ur bank account and paying tax on it ..........so is there any way i can do it??

  4. WHT dO YOU mean by "at the cost of 1k per month"? . However nice share mate! =)

  5. spend off free time alone...hihihihi

  6. @methew

    I guess she meant to say that you can make 1000 friends per month if you socialize online. :)

    You should better turn it nofollow again. Who would wish to waste the PR juice for free brother? :> You will loose PR this way.

  7. Ok Mohammad,
    i am using your Church Theme Template.so do check out and let me know,take your possible time.
    Thank You.

  8. Siddhesh......I'm not one of the lucky bloggers who earn but I know many who do so may be the owner of MBT Mohammad can guide you with the money earning subject.

    Methew....at the cost of 1K per month was meant for humour and it referred to the internet bills that we get each month.For most people its around 1000 PKR per month so thats all socializing online costs you :)

  9. Hey Mohammad, I love this post. It reminds me when I first started to blog at the age of 18 (and now I am 27, haha yea I am old now). I could say that number 1 to 5 are the steps of the whole process in which many bloggers may experience. I even met a beautiful woman (that is now my wife) through blogging :P. Bloggers always learn and learn, do social interactions, and some of them make money and being rich. Whatever the reason behind, blogging is a great way to share knowledge, thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc. Yeah,age doesn't matter. I also learn a lot of things and "tricks" from you, great young man :). May God Bless you. Assalam.

  10. I agree With 1st point....



  11. @Siddhesh

    Dude despite the strict restrictions in india and ban in Pakistan, Paypal can still be effectiviely used if you have someone abroad who can open up an account for you. This is what I have done. I am using my sister's account for my personal use. :>

    You have customized it well jeet. Good work! :>
    I would suggest that you set your adsense colours to match your theme background. Further don't use Feed widgets. They look dry!

    Doc forgive me for that wrong interpretation of the word 1k. I get it now! :p

    W/salam brother,
    I guess you are one of those lucky pals who made it to such an exciting state. Blogging indeed is a wonderful experience that never faints in bringing up new exciting stories. I am overjoyed to know that Blogging gifted you with a trustful partner. My prayers are always with you. More power to you and thanks for all your kind remarks. :>

    Well that point is harsh for me at least! :P

  12. Hello Mohammad,
    thank you so much,
    but buddy i am using your Church Theme Template and i told you that i am having problem of page navigation i.e. home,previous,and next button are not showing up.
    check this site :jeetdholakia.blogspot.com

    this site i have made using your template and tips and tricks.

  13. Thanks for the views expressed. I enjoyed most of the points mentioned. The first point was rather difficult to digest! Most of us blog because we like it more like a hobby man and its not because we are jobless or bored! Anywyz Again a nice read out mOhammad.

  14. @jeet

    Jeet I have received many complains regarding it. Please spare me some time for exams. I will fix it the moment I am free.

    Please remove the javascript that you have added just before <head> Your problem will get solved instantly. :>

    I would agree on this point pal. But I guess it was just a spontaneous point which to a broaden extent does play right because many of us do blog when we feel isolated as the guest author herself have acknowledged it and secondly of course we blog to earn a living online. :D

  15. Ok Mohammad,
    no problem and all the very best for your exams buddy.

  16. Hey Mohammad, All the best for your university exams :) BTW what course are you pursuing?

  17. Hey mohd_ plz help me, i want to show avatars in my comments but i got fail in doing that.
    plz tell me the whole process or css,html whatever u want to tell to insert in my template.


  18. Well fatima it is very true that people mostly blog just for timepass they want fame on the web.

  19. Most of us belong to Category #1 anyways :P.

    BTW- I am sure about the pop-up domination pop up for WP. Is there something like that (or equivalent) for Blogger (that too for PHREEE!!!)

  20. Mustafa,I'm just waiting for your last blog! :P

  21. cool...
    i agree with number 4..
    check out what i do:

  22. Hey mustafa you are a good blogger , but part time .

    Can i become a professional blogger after achieving rank as your blog have , how much you are earning.

  23. Hey mohd- i have two questions
    1.How to show avatars or profile images on comment?

    2.Since paypal policy changes to indians so can i can still buy .com domain through godaddy or 1and1.com


  24. nice one fatima...keep blogging:)

  25. @Jeet
    Thanks pal and I am working on your problem

    I am doing Computer System Engineering :>

    You will never see that day! =p

    I will write a post on it dear. Just give me two days.

    You can be even far far successful if you write more and more. And I am just a peanut bro. Hard work can take you much ahead of me. My earnings are always a secret bro. =)

    For your second query, Paypal is even banned in Pakistan but I am still using it by setting up an account in US. I will let you know how to do it via a detailed post. Now two posts waiting for you young boy. :D